Yea of the tiger. Come and Try Taekwondo for FREE!

2022 Year of The TIGER!

Come and Try Taekwondo for FREE!

Mind, Body & Indomitable Spirit

Bring the family: Children, Parents and Grandparents …

All are Welcome!

Our self defence martial arts training gives all our students knowledge and
awareness to Protect themselves using Taekwon-do.

No matter how little time they can train with us, they will learn something they will remember all of their lives.

At ICENI Taekwon-do we can teach all the basics in 3 months of regular training.

We realise not everyone wants to become a Taekwon-do Black Belt!

If you train regularly with us for 3 to 12 months you will become stronger, fitter and more confident.

Ready to face the challenges of everyday life!

So Come and Try for FREE during the Year of The TIGER!

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Only a very small percent of students go on to become Black Belts … but you may even be one of them!

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