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3 Low-Cost Franchises to Consider for 2022

One of the reasons why a growing number of investors are looking at franchises instead of starting a business from the ground up is the fact that there is already a system in place they can follow. Also, the startup costs can be significantly lower because there are monthly royalties and fees which greatly help to offset the initial investment. Even so, if you are looking for a low-cost franchise in 2022, you’ll need to know your best options. Here is some information you might find helpful and three choices to consider.

A Quick Word on Finding Low-Cost Franchises

The first thing you need to know is how to go about finding those low-cost franchises. On a site like Franchise Local, you can find listings of franchises by industry as well as by location and low-cost Franchise Opportunities. This website not only offers a UK franchise directory but also listings of new franchise opportunities that may be of interest to you. Also, one of the things you might find helpful is that all the ‘low-cost’ franchises on that site are listed at £1000 or less!

1. Tubz Brands

As the leading tower vending franchise, this can be an amazing consideration for the investor with a small upfront amount of money. They require a minimum of £3,999 to get started and with more than 300 franchises in the UK, you can believe this will be a profitable venture.

2. Business Sales Plus

This is an interesting franchise on a number of levels. With franchises throughout the UK, you would be trained in the valuation and sales of businesses. What is especially interesting is that you can get 100% financing which means you can become a franchisee with £0 down! There are two levels of franchises available. The first is a Regional Franchise with a fee of £30,000 pounds and an Area Franchise at £15,000. You may wish to discuss the repayment and interest amounts due monthly, but with no money up front you can be a franchise if you feel you are adept at sales.

3. Utilitrack Franchise

Within the past two years, a growing number of professionals are looking to work from home. Covid-19 is still spreading with new variants popping up quicker than most people dreamed possible. This is a franchise that enables you to earn a passive income while working from home. The initial investment is £9,999 but you will be producing this passive income that renews every year, year on year. This franchise enables you to make your own hours while offering businesses the best deals on utilities. This is why it is considered a passive income and why it renews year on year as those utility contracts are renewed. For anyone looking to make their own hours while working from home, this is the perfect opportunity.

As you can see, there really are low-cost franchises to consider and the best part is that you can even find those that require no initial down payment. The cost of starting a franchise couldn’t get any lower than that, could it? Take the time to browse those listings by cost, location or industry and you are sure to find one that is just what you have been looking for.