4 places left for Saturday’s tutorial
by American photographer Mark L. Power
at Beyond the Image Photographer’s Gallery

4.30 – 6.30pm. Places are limited & must be booked.

All details are on the website www.beyondtheimage.co.uk & some of those details are below:

On-line tutorials by Mark L. Power
from ‘Across the Pond’!

American photographer, educator and critic Mark L. Power will be leading 2 way interactive tutorials on-line at Beyond the Image Photographer’s Gallery in conjunction with the INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION ‘Beyond the Pond’ showing from 1st May to 26th July 2009.

Mark’s tutorials address “Contemporary ideas”. In his words they are “An informal examination of the fine-art photography we see in books, museums, and galleries. What is this work about and why is it capturing the imagination of professionals in the field? The result is an informal survey of some of the contemporary ideas we see and read about. “

The 1st tutorial is on Saturday 9th May.

Beginnings: photo-based art; the Düsseldorf school
This will be a two-part presentation. During the first hour, we will briefly survey the categories of photography (emphasizing fine-art work) providing a definition of ‘photo-based art’ or ‘concept based photography’, distinguishing it from ‘genre-based photography’. We will examine the ‘look’ of contemporary fine-art photography and look at some of the typical gallery and museum presentations of this kind of work.

The second hour concentrates on the pioneering work of the Art Academy in Düsseldorf, Germany in particular looking at the work of Berndt and Hiller Becher and their students, many of whom pioneered ideas still seen in much contemporary work. In particular, in addition to the work of the Bechers, we will look at the work of some of their influential students, Thomas Ruff, Thomas Struth, and Andreas Gursky, among others. An optional assignment given encompassing both parts.

4.30 – 6.30pm at the gallery
Price: £20
4 places available.

To book email [email protected] or contact Angie Broadberry on 01508 480477 Beyond the Image Photographer’s Gallery, Thornham Walks, Thornham Magna, Eye, Suffolk IP23 8HH

Further information on the gallery, exhibitions and courses can be found on our website www.beyondtheimage.co.uk