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7 Frequently Asked Questions by Slots Games Players

Many players ask similar questions when you play Deluxino slot games. The following are seven of the most frequently asked questions by slot games players.

How do I decide which Slot to Play? 

There are several factors which players look at when deciding on a slot game to play. 

  1. RTP and Volatility – These help to indicate what sort of payout that players can expect to see and the rate of that payout. For instance, slots that have a high volatility will payout infrequently but at a higher rate while slots that have a high RTP offer a high chance of a good return to players.
  2. Gameplay features – Bonuses and gameplay are another aspect of a slot which can influence a players decision. Look for generous bonuses and gameplay which is fun and innovative.
  3. Theme and design – A slot which has an attractive design can be more fun to play than a slot which has a boring theme. There are a huge variety of themes to choose from, with every topic imaginable being used by slot developers. As technology has improved, slot graphics have also become increasingly impressive.

What is the Gamble Feature?

It is essentially an option given to players in the form of a 50/50 choice. This can be given to players in a variety of forms but the gamble feature will always be a choice between two things. Select the correct option and you double your winnings, however if you select the wrong option you will lose everything.

Are Slots Really Random?

The outcome is completely random thanks to something called the RNG, this ensures that the outcome of a slot spin cannot be influenced by any outside sources.

Are Online Casinos Trustworthy?

Reputable online casinos are incredibly trustworthy as they have to abide by specific rules set out by the Gambling Commission. If you are ever unsure about the trustworthiness of a site, make sure that they prominently display the logo of the Gambling Commission on their main page.

When was the First Slot Created?

It was actually first created all the way back in the 1880’s by a man named Charles Fey.

What is a Bankroll?

A bankroll is essentially the amount of money that you have set aside for gaming, proper management of a bankroll is vital for success.

What’s the Difference between a Fixed and Progressive Jackpot?

There are mainly two types of jackpots which players will encounter playing online slots.

Fixed jackpots are a type of jackpot where the overall prize pool stays the same amount no matter what happens.

Progressive jackpots are jackpots where the prize pool progressively increases the longer it remains unclaimed. This can reach some massive amounts but it is not easy to claim.

Final Thoughts

Often, many players will have the same sorts of questions when they are just starting out. It is better to ask questions than learn through mistakes when you are playing slot games because money is involved.