A Beginner’s Guide to Mechanical Mods
Photo by Chiara Summer on Unsplash

A Beginner’s Guide to Mechanical Mods

Vaping is an increasingly popular hobby, with more and more people choosing to take it up. In previous years, vaping was used as a tool to help people quit smoking; however, it is now a popular hobby in its own right. It is fully customisable to your preferences; you can decide whether you want nicotine and, if so, in what dose, you can choose the flavour, and you can choose the mod. Mechanical mods are very popular among beginners because they are incredibly simple devices; read on for more information.

What Are Mechanical Mods?

There is no set definition for a mechanical mod. However, there are a few descriptors that are commonly used when discussing mechanical mods. As previously mentioned, they are simple devices. They have metal bodies that house the batteries. Then on top, they have a rebuildable dripping atomiser and a mouthpiece. The build is somewhat similar to other mods. The big difference that separates mechanical mods from other forms is that they are classed as unregulated mods. This means that there is no on/off switch. Instead, the button on the device creates a current that powers up the device. This does mean that the safety features are limited. But as a novice who wants to take this hobby on, you should learn about coils, resistance and voltage regardless of your mod to safeguard yourself.

Whilst the safety features of unregulated mods are limited, the question of whether or not they are dangerous really depends on the user. If the user is educated on battery safety, knows how to measure the battery’s levels, and is aware of the basic science behind vaping, then they are just as safe as any other mod. However, if you as a novice are not willing to learn these intricacies, then an unregulated mod is not advisable.

Unregulated vs Regulated Mods

There are essentially two different types of mech mods: regulated and unregulated. Most are unregulated, as mentioned above, which means that they don’t have additional in-built safety features. For unregulated mods, owners should learn when to stop using their mods and charge their batteries. This can be done by checking the voltage. As a beginner, you may be wondering why unregulated mech mods are popular if they are supposedly ‘less safe’. It is because they are far simpler to use, they have fewer parts which means less potential for breakages, and if they do break, they are easier to fix. Most people who use unregulated mods would argue that they are not any less safe than other vaping devices if they are treated properly, which is why learning more about the process is important for anyone who wants to take up vaping regardless of their mod.

On the other hand, regulated mods do have in-built safety features that stop the current and power down the device if necessary. This does mean that there is less chance of the battery malfunctioning. In addition, most regulated mods allow the user to choose how much wattage is sent to the atomiser. Pod systems, vape pens and box mods are all examples of regulated vape devices. However, whilst there are more safety features, there are still other risks associated with improper use of these mods, such as burning out the wicks or the coils.

How to Build a Mechanical Mod

Whilst the designs might vary, they all work similarly. Before you can use a mechanical mod, you must first assemble it. First, the switch housing needs to be screwed into the body or tube. The battery should then be inserted, and you need to make sure that the negative side points downwards towards the bottom of the vape. The connector comes next, and it is used to affix the atomiser and mouthpiece to the body. All you do then is fill the atomiser with vape juice, and it is ready to use. JM Wholesale Limited have a huge range of e-liquids for you to choose from, and they also sell everything else you need to get started, from tanks to mods to full vape kits.

In Conclusion

Whilst this guide is brief; it does offer the perfect introduction to mechanical mods. Whether you choose an unregulated or regulated mod really depends on the level of dedication you are willing to put into the hobby. If you are willing to learn more about them and how to operate them effectively, then an unregulated mod is arguably the better choice because of its simplicity. However, if you aren’t prepared to put the work in or if you want to try vaping before committing to it, then maybe a regulated mod would be better initially. Learning battery safety and coil maintenance does require some basic knowledge of different scientific principles, which are not hard to grasp but will take a little bit of time to learn.