A Second Home in Spain to Enjoy Sunny Times

Want to get away from the weather in the North Folk & South Folk region? Countless people every year complain about the weather when autumn starts to turn into winter. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get away somewhere altogether more beautiful and balmy?

A quick browse on a specialist website for an international real estate agent will show a wide variety of beautiful second homes, villas and apartments for sale for example in the popular charming region of Moraira, Spain.

Browsing the villas for sale in Moraira one can easily start to question the benefits of a supposedly big move like that. So let’s discuss why it makes sense to go from the North Folk or South Folk region to the South of Spain.


Why Moraira Matters

Firstly the weather – Moraira benefits from a traditional Mediterranean climate which means long warm summers and short mild winters. It serves as the perfect antidote to the average British winter morning in the North and South Folk region with freezing cold and constant rain. Think also of the versatility of the properties on offer. There are a number of places available to suit every budget and requirements, so whether it’s just one person moving or a whole family there is certain to be the right home just waiting to be found. Moraira also benefits from its sheer beauty – all within walking distance there is beautiful countryside, harbours, beaches, marinas, and a wide variety of historic architecture to be enjoyed.


No Communication Barriers

Moraira, and most of the Costa Blanca region, is a tourist region, so local shops, restaurants, and businesses are used to dealing with English speaking people. Meaning that there’ll be no barrier to communication. The tourist friendly nature of the place also has another benefit. It means there will be no shortage of activities to do – whether it’s golfing, walking, cycling, boat rides and adventure days. The list goes on, meaning that time never be wasted. Of course there are many events in The North Folk & South Folk regions, but, except for in summer, most of them are inside. In Moraira you can enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year. The beautiful weather and serene countryside also affords the perfect retreat for those who prefer to enjoy a more sedate pace, however.


An Added Benefit of a Second Home

A move to Moraira doesn’t have to be all year round – the benefit of a second home is that it means it’s easy to come back home to see family and friends. Many people stay all year, but many more besides prefer to split their time. The popularity of the region with tourists means that high quality villas and apartments in desirable locations are always going to be in demand. As such a second home offers a potential for a second income when it’s not in use, renting it out to tourists and holidaymakers.

For these reasons, and more yet besides, Moraira makes a very sensible proposition for anyone considering a second home abroad.