Gerry Hinks’ intriguing comedy drama ‘A Trivial Pursuit’ starts its UK Autumn tour in Southwold’s St Edmund’s Hall, for one night only on Friday 20th September at 7.30 pm.

The production is by Opus Theatre Company which Gerry himself founded in 1986 and which has visited Southwold many times before.

The plot concerns librarian, Marcia, who shares her home – and her passion – with her work colleague Beryl. Their passion is the game of Trivial Pursuit. But it becomes more than just a game when the ladies realise they can make money – big money – out of it.

Soon the intrepid pair have a queue of gentlemen callers, keen to pit their general knowledge against that of Marcia and Beryl but invariably leaving with lightened wallets and deflated egos.

But, unknown to the ladies, two of their callers have hidden agendas of their own. One is an under-cover private investigator, the other a criminal who sees an opportunity in persuading the ladies to widen the scope of their operation.

Complications are sure to set in when the two men come face-to-face and recognise each other!

Who has the stronger will? Law, or dis-order?

Tickets for the show are £10 and are available now from Southwold Tourist Information Office 01502 724729


More information from Opus Theatre Company 01889 584870 or 07940 165064


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