An Introduction to the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads

1. An Introduction to the Broads – Landscape Character Assessment

This introduction to the Broads National Park has been created so that planners and other stakeholders can better understand the unique characteristics of this distinctive landscape.

It is part of a series of five videos that focus on the landscapes of the Broads. Our introductory video provides an overview of how the Broads National park was formed, the different habitats and landscapes, what makes it special and lots more.

2. Open Water: Rivers and Broads – Landscape Character Assessment

There are over seven rivers and 60 shallow lakes, or broads, that make up the Broads National Park in Norfolk and Suffolk. Find out how they were created and discover their importance for local industry, trade and as a tourist destination. Learn more about the challenges faced in managing the rivers and other areas of open water in the Broads, such as balancing nature conservation with that of keeping the waterways open to boats and tourists.

3. Fen, Reed and Sedge in the Broads – Landscape Character Assessment

Fen is a very important type of habitat found in the Broads National Park, created by both naturalk and man-made processes. It provides a home to wildlife, including rare species such as the swallowtail butterfly. It is also an important source of food and materials for use in traditional practices such as thatching. Find out more in the video how fen is managed in the Broads National Park, including how human interaction has shaped the fens over hundreds of years. Learn about modern methods of harvesting fen and why proper management is important for preserving habitats and farmland.

4. Drained Marshes and Mills of the Broads – Landscape Character Assessment

The drained marshes and iconic mills of the Broads are some of the most distinguishable features of this unique landscape. Learn more about why exactly the marshes needed to be drained, and find out why variety of mills scattered throughout the area were built and used to alter the landscape.

5. Settlements and Boating – Landscape Character Assessment

There are a variety of different settlements in close proximity to the rivers and shallow lakes of the Broads National Park. This includes large towns and cities, thriving villages and isolated riverside properties. Find out more about settlements and their placement based on proximity to the waterways of the Broads, which acted as important trading and travel routes in centuries gone by. Much like the waterways themselves, many of these riverside settlements are now popular tourist destinations enjoyed by millions of visitors each year.

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