Apple Day
Sunday 19 October 2008

10am to 1pm

Celebrate Apple Day at METFIELD STORES

The highlight of Metfield Stores’ Apple Week is National Apple Day – Sunday 19 October
but there will be apple products and information in the Stores all week

Apple juice tasting – all week
Try a rich range of local commercially produced Suffolk apple juices. All customers, villagers and passers by are invited to choose the ones you like so we know which to stock. It’s your shop, so have your say

Display of local apples and more – see, taste, buy
We’ll have an array of local varieties in store all week, featuring apples from Wakelyns Agroforestry farm, Dan Neuteborn’s Real English Fruit Orchards at Eye and Eddie Krutysza in Metfield.
plus buy your apple trees from Eddie Krutysza or via Metfield Stores

Apple pies … apple ice cream … apple truffles
Pies baked by Village Kitchen and Metfield villagers. Delicious toffee apple or apple and honey ice cream from Alder Carr, Creeting St Mary. Local handmade truffles from Alburgh. Perfect Christmas presents.

Apple breakfast – 10 to 11.30am
Toast and apple jam, washed down with tea or coffee

Apple identification – 11.00 to 12 noon
Bring in your apples for identification by Eddie Krutysza, local expert

Apple Walk – 12 noon (approx. a 1 hour gentle stroll)
Led by the one and only Eddie Krutysza, see notable apple trees in the village, then walk through woodland, past crab-appled hedgerow to Wakelyns to a field planted by Ann and Martin Wolfe with 21 heritage varieties of apple trees. End up at Metfield Lane Farm to enjoy the sight of a 27-year-old St Edmund Pippin planted by Emily and Frank Beanland. Transport can be arranged by request. Bicycles can be walked through the woods. Maps available at Metfield Stores.

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Apple day, founded by Common Ground 20 years ago, celebrates our fruitfulness and DIVERSITY.

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