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April at The Apex 2022

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1 Charter Square, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP33 3FD

Tel: 01284 758000

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Animals & Friends Farewell Tour April at The Apex 2022

Animals & Friends Farewell Tour

Fri 1 Apr, 7.30pm

Founding member John Steel on Drums and special guest Zoot Money (a member of The Animals during the 60’s and 70’s), bring hits such as ‘We Gotta Get Out Of This Place’, ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’ and ‘House Of The Rising Sun’, plus rhythm and blues from Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker, and the like.


Cavern Beatles

Cavern Beatles

Sun 3 Apr, 7.30pm – April at The Apex 2022

Fully endorsed and licensed by the same club, the band return with a Magical History Tour. Replicating the excitement and energy of Beatlemania, the psychedelic era of ‘Sgt. Pepper’, and the creative masterpieces of ‘The White Album’ and Abbey ‘Road’.

The Cavern Beatles are widely regarded as being as close to the real thing as they are ever likely to get.


Feast of Fiddles April at The Apex 2022

Feast of Fiddles

Mon 4 Apr, 7.30pm

Individual & ensemble pieces from Peter Knight (Gigspanner, Steeleye Span), Chris Leslie (Fairport), Tom Leary (Lindisfarne), Brian McNeill, Ian Cutler & Garry Blakeley.

“Britain’s fiddling supergroup” – Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2


April at The Apex Ray Mears

Ray Mears

Thu 7 Apr, 7.30pm – April at The Apex 2022

Recently we have learnt to value our green spaces more than ever.

In this fascinating, inspirational, and educational show, Ray will be demonstrating and explaining techniques that will help us improve our senses and highlight the problems nature faces today.

£26* / £18.50* U16s / £84* family

Interview with Ray Mears to promote his tour, “We Are Nature.”

Q: What is the theme of your new show We Are Nature which is touring the UK in the spring

A: This is a show about rediscovering nature and rediscovering ourselves and turning up the volume of the senses that we normally suppress. Effectively ‘tuning in and turning on’ to nature. It’s never been more important than to feel, understand and connect to nature than now.

With today’s fast-paced life and the rise of technology, everything is made very easy. But in nature, everything is far more subtle – more cryptic and camouflaged. To see things in nature you must learn to use your senses to find the wildlife that is hiding. Once you start to do this you discover that the whole process is massively rewarding. 

It’s exciting to read a landscape use these skills, not only for our own enjoyment and benefit but also to protect wildlife, which is such an integral part of the British countryside.

We will also look at the extraordinary work that the National Wildlife Crime Unit do in this area, how they protect the environment and how they combat wildlife crime which has increased during lockdown.  

Q: Would you describe the show as a celebration of nature?

Definitely! it is a celebration of the nature in the world around us but more importantly it is a celebration of that nature that is within us.  It’s the gifts of our evolutionary heritage.

Q: Many people discovered the beneficial effects of nature during lockdown, didn’t they?

A: Our dependence on electrical goods and gadgetry has accelerated in our lifetime. We spend more time looking at a screen than we do at the natural world. During this last year, it was interesting to hear how people had time to look at nature and how important they found it. I hope that we can build on that and maintain that feeling. I would like people to work to correct the issues that we face – climate change, pollution, lack of biodiversity. I would like them to feel that it’s an urgent thing because it’s not the planet that is under threat, it’s us and all life. But the biggest reason I want people to address this is simply because if we do, we will create a more beautiful environment to hand on to the next generation. That’s the most important thing of all because if we do that, we will succeed in everything else and make the world a better place. 

Q: What do you hope that audiences take away from “We Are Nature”?

A: I hope that when they leave the theatre, people will start to notice things that they didn’t notice on their way to the theatre. I hope that they slow down just a fraction to take in the information that often gets missed. But the most important thing is that they go away and see and feel and most importantly enjoy nature. I don’t think there is a more important skill that I teach than that. 

Ray Mears’s new show, ‘We Are Nature’ comes to The Apex on Thursday 7 April at 7.30pm. Ring 01284 758000 or visit for more information and to book tickets.

April at The Apex The Amazing Bubble Man

The Amazing Bubble Man

Mon 11 Apr, 1pm

Louis Pearl combines comedy and artistry with audience participation and spellbinding bubble tricks to keep everyone mesmerized; square, fog-filled and giant bubbles, bubble volcanoes and people inside bubbles, he conjures gasps of amazement and laughter from all ages.

£14* (£11.50* child)

So You Think You Know About Dinosaurs April at The Apex 2022

So You Think You Know About Dinosaurs

Tue 12 Apr, 2pm

Dr Ben Garrod’s pre-historic adventure, filled with fascinating facts about the biggest, deadliest and weirdest predators that roamed the planet 65 million years ago. Yes, Tyrannosaurus rex, Allosaurus and Spinosaurus might have walked or swam where you are right now!

£16.50* (£14* child)

The Supersonic 70s Show

Thu 14 Apr, 7.30pm – April at The Apex 2022

Glam packed with incredible hits from the greatest musical decade of them all…the 1970s!

‘Catsuit Wonder Girl’ Janey Bombshell & her live band bring the towering might of Queen, Fleetwood Mac & ELO, the ‘pin-up pop’ of David Cassidy, David Essex and Donny Osmond and the foot stompin’ sounds of Sweet, T.Rex, Mud and Suzi Quatro.

So, slip on your flares, strap on your platforms and splash on your ‘Charlie Girl’ or ‘Brut’, for a glorious rollercoaster ride of 70s nostalgia.


Mark Thompson’s Spectacular Science Show

Mark Thompson’s Spectacular Science Show

Fri 15 Apr, 3pm

Designed for children and adults alike, Mark explores the strange and magical properties of matter, with exploding elephant’s toothpaste, vortex-generating dustbins and even howling jelly babies!

Awarded ‘Best Kid’s Show at Edinburgh Fringe’ by The Derek Awards, this interactive show promises to entertain and educate in the most spectacular way!

£13.50* / £11* U16s

The Young’uns

The Young’uns

Mon 18 Apr. 7.30pm

Sean Cooney, Michael Hughes and David Eagle write and sing folk songs, with heart-on-the-sleeve storytelling, beautiful lyrics and warm harmonies.

Nearly twenty years after accidentally stumbling into the alien world of their local folk club as drunken teenagers, (and gaining their name in the process) these three thirtysomething friends from the North East have won three BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards and never lost the joy of that first night of singing together.

Hugely captivating-performing with great verve and humour – a brilliant folk act!” Stuart Maconie, BBC Radio 6 music.


The Manfreds

The Manfreds

Thu 28 Apr, 7.30pm – April at The Apex 2022

One of the most respected bands from the 1960s, and still with original front man Paul Jones, The Manfreds will be performing many of their hits, along with Jazz and Blues covers and tracks from their solo albums.


China Crisis

China Crisis

Fri 29 Apr, 7.30pm – April at The Apex 2022

China Crisis celebrate their 40th anniversary with all the hits performed with a full band. Eddie Lundon and Gary Daly are the founder members of the band which found major success in the UK with five Top 40 singles, ten Top 50 singles and five Top 40 albums their string of hit singles includes ‘Christian’, ‘Working with Fire and Steel’, ‘Black Man Ray’ and ‘Wishful Thinking’.



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