World Art Collections Exhibition
Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

Wood carving by Jason Parr

Artist celebrates the number 9

at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

On 09/09/08 artist Jason Parr will spend 9 hours rotating between 9 different art activities every 9 minutes. This latest artist residency, Rhythm of 9, kicks-off at the Sainsbury Centre with an exhausting 9 hours of activity linked to the Constructed exhibition. The artist hopes to inspire visitors to try their hand at creating art in a broad range of media.

The event will take place in the education studio and members of the public are invited to drop-in throughout gallery opening hours (10am – 5pm) – there are only 9 seats though! Jason Parr will also be working in the galleries on Thursday 9 October and Thursday 9 November.

“I am very excited about my residency at the Sainsbury Centre. I enjoy exploring different art forms although I have never tried to do so many in quick succession before. My biggest challenge is likely to be finding time to eat!” – Jason Parr, artist.

The schedule of 9 minute activities comprises writing, drawing, wood-carving, playing the guitar, soap carving, one-to-one conversation, stone carving, playing the piano and finally reciting written work and conversation with 9 people. Visitors to the Centre will be able to drop in to the studio to see Jason at work and take part in dialogue and conversation activities. Admission to the Sainsbury Centre galleries is free.

Jason Parr’s residency accompanies the exhibition, Constructed: 40 Years of the UEA Collection, which runs until 14 December. Constructed features sculpture, painting, graphics and design, together with architectural models, stage sets and furniture. Rhythm of 9 links to Constructed as many of the artists in the show have explored links between art, mathematics and geometry, using symmetry and repeating ideas in their work.