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Avoid VOSA Trailer fines!

Taking just 5 minutes of your time to read this could save you money & points on your licence.

WARNING to all Trailer owners VOSA could stop and check you Trailer ANYTIME, always make sure its in a roadworthy condition, if not the list below will show how costly it can be are

No brake snag wire : 3 points £60 fine 

Bold-worn tyres : 3 points £60 fine per tyre 

No brakes on trailer : Trailer seized from you (unless trailer is of spec) 

Lights out on trailer : Trailer seized from you 

Wrong number plate : 3 points £60 fine 

No number Plate : £60 fine

And even in the worse case, if an accident occurred with an un-road worthy trailer invalid insurance!

For what it would cost to have your trailer serviced with DanHIRE Trailers every 12 months or 6000 miles as recommended it would not be cost-effective not to bring your trailer to us.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon

Mark Daniels

DanHIRE Trailers

Bungay Suffolk

servicing horse box trailers
servicing horse box trailers
servicing boat trailers
servicing boat trailers
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