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Anyone planning a day of family fun this summer is being urged to make sure they have a few essentials in their first aid kit in case of bumps and bruises. 

HealthEast is issuing the advice to families for the summer holidays. A typical first aid kit should include:

  • High factor sunscreen which should be re-applied every couple of hours, even if it’s cloudy or overcast. This is especially important if your child is in and out of water.
  • A thermometer. In children under five, a fever is considered to be a temperature higher than 37.5C (99.5F).
  • Antiseptic, which can be used to clean cuts before they are bandaged and can treat a range of conditions, including insect stings, ulcers and pimples. Alcohol-free antiseptic wipes are useful to clean cuts.
  • Tweezers for taking out splinters.
  • Plasters and sterile dressings for larger injuries.
  • Medical tape and bandages, which can support injured limbs, such as a sprained wrist, and can apply direct pressure to larger cuts.
  • Eyewash solution to wash out grit or dirt in the eyes
  • Insect bite and nettle rash cream.
  • Allergy medicine.
  • Cooling gel packs or flannels
  • Cough, cold and pain relief remedies – paracetamol or ibuprofen are good for relieving discomfort. However, avoid ibuprofen if your child has asthma, unless advised by your GP.

Dr John Stammers, a GP at Sole Bay Health Centre in Southwold, said: “The summer holidays are a wonderful time for children for adventure and play. Being vigilant is part of being a parent and knowing what to do should your child need medical help takes the worry and panic out of the situation.

“Most injuries can be treated at home with a first aid kit and lots of cuddles so now’s a good time to check you have everything you need. Ask your local pharmacy if you’re unsure. They can give you advice about the types of over the counter treatments that are right for your child.”

Anyone who is worried about their child’s injuries and unsure if they need medical help should can call NHS 111, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For more information about what to do if your child has an accident, visit www.nhs.uk

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