From left to right Chris Varley, Alan Smith, Gill Smith, Kerry Varley, Carol Suthers and Tim Suthers

Birthday Day Present Inspires 3 Couples to take up a Challenge

Last year Alan Smiths Birthday present from his daughter and son in law, Kerry and Chris Varley, was a book written about some mature men walking the coast2coast.

It was so inspiring and amusing to read that soon several other people including his wife, Gill, and 2 close friends, Tim and Carol Suthers, had also been inspired and enjoyed the read. All 6 of us enjoy our walks and, encouraged by the two youngest, Chris & Kerry, who have done this before, they decided to take up the challenge. From St Bees on the west coast to Robin’s Hood Bay on the east coast, some 192 miles in 13 days will be covered in August this year as their annual holiday. Whilst doing this they have been encouraged by a few people to make it an event to raise money for charity.

They thought it would be nice to support a local charity in East Anglia and have chosen the East Anglian Air Ambulance Registered Charity: 1083876. They are a 365 day-a-year life-saving service across Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, Norfolk and Suffolk. The charity is independent of government and National Lottery funding and is entirely dependent on fund-raising and contributions.

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To keep its two air ambulances flying and to provide the advanced medical equipment they carry, over £3 million per year has to be raised. The group thought it would be good to offer their support to the EAAA in making this walk not just their holiday and challenge, but also an event to raise some cash to help them in their work. Gill also contacted the organisation to see if they could visit and see first-hand one of the helicopters and the staff of EAAA who offer such a valuable and life-saving service.

On average the EAAA are called to four incidents every day; life threatening situations such as road traffic accidents, incidents involving people in inaccessible places and cardiac arrests. Because of the advanced skills, drugs and equipment found on board, and being able to access places impossible for a land ambulance, the EAAA can make the difference.

Will you help us to help them in their work? To make a donation and offer your support you can visit