This December, parents from across Norfolk and Suffolk are being encouraged to give their families the ‘gift of love’ by planning ahead to protect their children in future years.

The Norfolk and Suffolk Palliative Care Academy is urging mums and dads across the two counties to take a few simple steps to safeguard their children’s futures if they died. Whether it’s by making a will, preparing letters or videos, securing their financial future or recording decisions about their own end of life care, all will make a big difference at a difficult time.

The initiative forms part of the Academy’s ongoing ‘be ready for it’ campaign, which encourages people to talk openly to their family, friends and carers about their end of life wishes and plan for their future – regardless of their age. It is hoped that people will share the idea through social media, and will inspire others by tweeting their own thoughts using the hashtag #GiftOfLove

Maggie Parsons, project lead, said: “The main aim of the be ready for it campaign is to help raise awareness of end of life issues and break down taboos about death by encouraging people to talk to each other and plan for their future.

“We want to inspire people to do something positive for their family by thinking about what may happen after their death and taking steps to secure their financial security or leaving cards, videos and letters as a legacy.

“Thinking and talking about your wishes at the end of your life won’t bring it any closer, but will give you and your loved ones the reassurance that your preferences will be followed and your family will be cared for, which is one of the greatest gifts you can give.”

To join the conversation on Twitter, follow @be_ready_for_it and use the #GiftOfLove hashtag.

For more information about the ‘be ready for it’ campaign, useful checklists to help you plan for your own, or someone else’s death, sources of support and the chance to put together your own bucket list, visit www.bereadyforit.org.uk

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