Cantor’s Cabaret
Kessingland Sports & Social Centre

“They were hanging off the Rafters” someone said, and they were. The place was heaving, all to see “Cantor’s Cabaret” a show made up of the students from Cantor’s Theatre Schools.

Kessingland Sports and Social Centre was the lovely venue ~ it was their end of term show ~ all singing and all dancing, with comedy thrown in for good measure. The scene was set and it all opened with a bang from the red team ~ they were absolutely explosive as they strode onto the stage at two levels ~ what an opening to a show.

On came the ‘little team’ the babies, the yellow team ~ from 2 years old who absolutely captivated the crowd with the elephant, monkey & crocodile in a jungle adventure. For ones so small they were excellent.

Christian Lovick then found a new partner in Alex card who did a very funny version of ‘sex bomb’, the audience loved it. The first half finished with a beautiful 5 part harmony of ‘bring him home’ brilliant!

After the interval there was a whole scene devoted to Mary Poppins in which Michael Davis excelled as ‘bert’ joined by the adult silver team and in fact the orange team, and the Beccles team, Michael also excelled as ‘phantom’. It was certainly his night.

Tara Mullen & Christian Lovick ‘remembered it well’ from gigi. Shani Cantor showed everyone the range and quality of her superb voice, and easily stopped the show singing ‘one by one’. Shani was also responsible for all the vocal arrangements for the whole show.

The whole ensemble created the most electrifying finale in a mesmerising array of African songs, led by Shani and the blue team, this brought the whole place to their feet as everyone felt compelled to join in. It was a great night ~ if you missed it, then you really did miss a great show.

Cantor’s Cabaret was devised, produced and choreographed by Caron Cantor ~ directed, staged and technical’s by Kenny Cantor ~ vocal coaching by Shani Cantor ~ sound & light by Pip Fairweather ~ stage management by Andrew Droom ~ head chaperone Sarah Cook.