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Jack Hamilton

Cards Suits and Symbolism: Briefly Explained

Card games have been around for centuries in many of the cultures. Today, there are many varieties of these card games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Rummy, and more. Although all these games are played using the standard deck of 52 cards, the rules are different for each game.

Speaking of the deck of 52 cards, have you ever wondered how different cards came with different symbols and what they could possibly mean? What does each playing card represent? What is the spade a symbol of? Well, if you’re unaware of these facts; it’s time to explore them.

Four basic fields of life

From cups to hearts, swords to spades, coins to diamonds, and batons to clubs, the French set the standard design of card suits that we know today: Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, and Clubs.

The meaning of the suits categorizes four major areas of life – Mental, Material, Emotional, and Physical. The four categories are divided into subcategories to include every aspect of life.


The heart represents the season of spring, the time of youth and passion. The heart is the journey of love. The path is emotional; the focus in on relationships, friendships, family, and the home. It signifies the element of fire.


The club represents the season of summer. The club is the journey of knowledge. The path is cerebral; the focus is on education, communication, intellect, information, and reasoning. A sign of the club is the incarnation of an element of earth.


This symbol signifies the season of autumn. The diamond is a journey into the creative fire of materialism. The path is material; the focus is turning energy into tangible assets. This symbol represents the element of air.


The spade represents the winter season. The journey of this symbol is the physical work required in this physical plane of existence. It is the journey of physical effort; the hands-on-application of work. This symbol signifies the element of water.

What does each playing card represent?

· An Ace stands for Desire

· Two is for Union

· Three stands for Faith

· Four is for Satisfaction

· Five represents a Change

· Six is for Adjustments

· Seven is an epitome of Victory

· Eight represents Power

· Nine stands for New beginnings

· Ten symbolizes Success

Cards of Royals

The king and queen are the cards that are considered royal. The cards of royals represent different historical figures. The picture is of different king or queen of different times represented on the four different suits of the standard deck of 52 cards.

King of Hearts is King of France – Charlemagn, the King of Clubs is the King of Macedonia- Alexander, the King of Diamonds represents Roman Caesar- Augustus, and finally, the King of Spades is King of Israel- David.

In the case of queen, the card suit presents four women on the Queen’s cards from the historical and mythological period. The Queen of Hearts is represented by Judith, the Queen of Clubs is Arginine, the Queen of Diamonds is Rachel, and the Queen of Spades is depicted by goddess Athena.