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Dear friends and colleagues

Wow! What a difference a bit of sunshine makes to our lives? I’m not going to say anything about using suncream, but use it, don’t get complacent and suffer.

Before I give you news about our next event at the Norwich Forum on Monday June 11th, let’s talk about table space, because if you haven’t booked your table space, things are heating up so you’ve got to do as the Duke of Edinburgh once said, get something or other out, and do your stuff.

To book your table space hit,   Event Registration Document 2018″ fill it in and I’ll get back to you with your confirmation.  Please don’t forget to read the Terms and Conditions in the application form.

Each table will have the services of free wifi, an electrical power point, and the facility of free refreshments, please note, refreshments are not available to the general public.  The only thing which will cost you is the car parking underneath the Forum.  For your security, the Norwich Forum has over 50 + cameras in action 24/7.

The event will be opened at 10.00am by Claire Cullens, CEO of Norfolk Community Foundation. Claire will talk about the Norwich Community Foundation and its work to support carers, local communities and many others e.g. individuals, families, entrepreneurs, companies, charitable trusts etc. Claire will also tell us about a new fund to support carers from the monies raised by James Bagge, the former High Sheriff of Norfolk, from his charitable long distance walk, Walking4Norfolk and Vital Steps for Carers.

Below is a flyer for the event telling us about some of the organisations at our Carers Information Day, download it and spread the word as much as possible please, one flyer can change a life.  Don’t forget, we might be Care for Carers, but we are able to help almost anybody with almost any problem, we can’t do that with your help.

Flyer – Carers Information Day – Norwich Forum – June 11th 2018.doc

Our “Autumn event
On Monday October 8th our “Carers Information Day” will be dedicated to “Mental Health Awareness”. Care for Carers is working with the Norfolk & Suffolk Mental Health Trust to help carers of people suffering mental health problems, plus in it’s turn, helping sufferers often forgotten. Mental health issues can effect anyone, even you. If you know anyone suffering depression or anxiety, offer them the hand of friendship, even just a smile can work wonders.

Please note:
Applications for our Carers Information Day at the Norwich Forum Monday October 8th cannot be made until after Monday June 11th, but put the date in your diary please.

Thank you for the big part you all make towards helping others less fortunate than ourselves, by working with each other, ?Together we are Strong?.

“Care for Carers” now works in partnership with “Carers Matter Norfolk”

Regards and best wishes


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“Together we are Strong”

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Event Registration Document 2018″

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