Carers Information Day

Dear friends and colleagues

Thank you so much for all the support you are giving us towards our “Carers Information Day” at the Norwich Forum on Monday October 2nd.

Table space is becoming limited, only 6 spaces left, as we have to have a, “First come first served” rule, if you would like to take part, please hit the link Event Registration Document 2017  and I’ll send you confirmation as soon as possible.

Please copy the flyer so you to put it about to all people you think need to know, and distribute to everyone in your address books please.

Flyer for: Norwich Forum Monday October 2nd 

Councillors: This event is going to hopefully be something special, and I know several of you are going to attend.  Care for Carers is none political, so whatever party you represent, how’s about coming along and making this event even more special, Please!  The people you represent have problems you sometimes wonder who to contact for advice, come along and meet the people who can help you and anyone with a problem.

MP’s:  This email is sent to all MP’s in and around East Anglia, and I know some of you are not able to pop in and see us before you go to parliament, but some of you who travel from/through Norwich on your way, can get in to see us.  The UK is going through a very difficult time at present, call in and explain to us what’s going on, “Please!”.  Some of us don’t know, but do want to know what is going on in parliament.

Any Councillors or MP’s who call in and see us, please contact me and I’ll treat you to a tea/coffee and a biscuit, hopefully that’s something worth coming in for.

Care for Carers is pleased to announce that it is hosting the launch of the new county-wide commissioned service, called, “Carers Matter Norfolk”, at our Carers Information Day at the Forum on Monday October 2nd.  Care for Carers is delighted to be working in partnership with Carers Matter Norfolk to support unpaid carers; the start of what will be a long and enduring partnership. As you will know, Care for Carers has always tried to work in partnership with other organisations, so we are honoured at the chance to help launch the new service.

We are hoping that the event will be covered by the local media, that will promote both the launch of Carers Matter Norfolk, and also the good work that you all do.  It’s great for us all to work together in partnership with the common aim of supporting carers, the cared for, older people, the lonely, and the vulnerable, in fact, anyone with a problem.

I realise a lot, if not most organisations, are having a tough time, yes, we are as well, but hopefully by sticking together we can overcome obstacles, don’t forget our motto, ”Together we are Strong”.

Thank you for everything, you’ll hear more from me before Monday October 2nd, but I’ll look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the Forum, as always, it will be a pleasure.

Regards and best wishes

Peter and Chris.


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Although our name is Care for Carers, at all our events we have so much support, that we are able to say that anyone with almost any problem can call in for support, if there is no-one there to help, someone knows where to get the services required,

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“Together we are Strong”

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Event Registration Document 2017″

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