Carers Information Day Norwich

Carers Information Day Norwich

Dear friends and colleagues 

Spring is here, the apple and pear trees are budding, the plums trees in full blossom, and even the raspberries are showing signs of early fruiting, if I sound happy, I am, I hope you feel the same.

Each year we have more and more people/organisations asking to be added to our address book, that means we have more new applications for our events.  Although we have more table space available, this time to celebrate the start of Carers Week 2019 at the Norwich Forum on Monday, June 10th, we have just 10 spaces left, so please, if you would like to join us, make your application as soon as possible.

To make your application, fill in  “Event Registration Document 2019”, and I will send you an email confirming that your application is successful.

Our system records table space applications in time and date order, so to be fair, we have to work “First come first served”, we can’t allow exceptions.

I realise at present things are difficult, but if we work as a “Family, ”Together we are Strong”..

Regards and best wishes


We enjoy working with people, organisations and companies.

“Together we are Strong”

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Care for Carers is our name, but at all our events we have so much support, that we are able to say that anyone with almost any problem can call in for support, if there is no-one there to help, someone knows where to get the services required,

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“Event Registration Document 2019”

Telephone 0300 777 8880

Email [email protected]