Carers Information Day

Dear friends and colleagues

We now have just 8 weeks to go before our next “Carers Information Day” on Monday October 2nd at the Norwich Forum.  Doing the honours and opening our event is Councillor Gail Harris, Deputy leader and cabinet member for social housing.  Gail and I have worked together since the year dot and achieved many successes, although everyone we have at our events is special, to have Gail with us on Monday October 2nd, to me is extra special.

Talking about something special, Gail and I are working on something we hope will make the event extra special and a bit different, be there, “Let’s make a memory”.  More details nearer the time.

If you’ve already applied for table space you’re in, you don’t need to apply again, but if you haven’t applied, do your bit and hit the  “Event Registration Document 2017”, fill it in completely, read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, hit the submit button, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  Don’t forget to put it in your diary.

Our  “Event Registration Document 2017”  form is completely automatic and fully backed up, without all the details required, it tells me there is a bad application to be checked e.g. just a postcode and christian name will not be accepted.  Please, fill it in properly to save you and me wasting time writing emails and you having to then fill it in again.

As usual, I’m getting more and more excited the nearer to the event we get, please excite me a bit more and send in your applications for our “Carers Information Day” at the Norwich Forum on Monday October 2nd.

 “Event Registration form 2017

“Together we are Strong”.

Although our name is Care for Carers, at all our events we have so much support, that we are able to say that anyone with almost any problem can call in for support, as if there is no-one there to help, someone knows where to get the services required,

Regards and best wishes

Peter and Chris

Telephone 0300 777 8880