care for carers help and advice with MS, Heart, and diabetes problems

Help and advice with MS, Heart, and diabetes problems?

Dear friends and colleagues 

Suncream, are you using it?  The sun has, and still is powerful enough to need us to use it, and crumbs! we’ve still got 3 weeks until the beginning of Spring.

Can I ask for your help please?  I’m having enquiries from people asking if our next event on Monday, June 10th at the Norwich Forum will have someone able to offer help and advice with MS, Heart, and diabetes problems.  If you know anyone covering these subjects who would be able and like to join us, please ask them to contact me.

Thank you to all of you who have booked table space at our event at the Norwich Forum on Monday, June 10th, marking the beginning of Carers Week 2019.  We have more table space, but with all the new applications we have had to date, it means even the extra table space arranged will be taken.

We’ve got just 3 months to go before Monday, June 10th, and with so many table applications,  although we still have plenty left, table space is going fast.  If you would like to be part of the “Family”, and require table space, hit  “Event Registration Document 2019″, fill it in, and I will get back to confirm your application is successful.

For some of you, if not all of you, times are tough, but if we all work together as a “Family”, ”Together we are Strong”.

Members of the media.
Although our events are always successful and we help a lot of people, having your help to tell more people about the event beforehand would mean we could help even more people.  By us helping just one person, we help their carer,family, and their friends to lead a better life, it multiplies.  We can help many more people with your help, “We”, means, all the 72 + organisations and others who take part at our events.

Regards and best wishes


We enjoy working with people, organisations and companies.

“Together we are Strong”

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Care for Carers is our name, but at all our events we have so much support, that we are able to say that anyone with almost any problem can call in for support, if there is no-one there to help, someone knows where to get the services required,

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“Event Registration Document 2019”

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