Secret Confessions?

In the 1960s my friend Charlie and I lived and played near the river Waveney.

During a hot summer school holiday our sisters were playing with their dolls prams on a meadow near the river, and had a lovely green tent, which they used to get out of the sun. We were very interested in playing in the tent too, as we were playing a game of the TV programme ‘combat’, and the tent would have been an ideal army camp.

 However the girls did not agree, and them being much bigger than us, forced us to leave the meadow.

As true boy soldiers, we hid in the camouflage of the nearby bushes, and waited for the girls to go home for lunch, and when they did we seized our chance to attack the now ‘enemy’ camp.

In a frenzy we pulled down the tent, and discovered the prams and dolls inside, and in an instant our attack turned into unplanned mischief, we piled everything into the two prams and pushed all into the river . . . then looked at each other . . . and saw blind panic looking back.

We both turned and ran to our separate homes for lunch.

Boy was there a fuss later in the day . . . we were both suspected by our families as having done the foul deed, but our stories held firm . . . we blamed each other . . . and did not play together for two weeks!

We hope whoever reads this can keep a secret.

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