Cloth and Culture’ Exhibition – Sainsbury Centre

The Sainsbury Centre’s latest exhibition ‘Cloth and Culture’ examines the influence of culture and tradition on contemporary textile practice.

The exhibition, curated by Professor Lesley Miller and collaborated within the University setting, brings together exciting contemporary textile practices from six countries.

The large-scale work from Estonia, Finland, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania and the UK, features many different traditional techniques which have transcended generations such as, embroidery, patchwork, felting, knitting, Washi Japanese paper techniques and crochet. Juxtaposed with contemporary techniques of laser cut lace, digital printing, animation, the use of woven fibre optics and employing the latest technology in knitting machines.

The work explores the transition from traditional practice to the contemporary work of these artists and conveys the combination of materiality with specific social or political aspects of their cultural identity.

The overall diversity of the work and the clear cultural influences make an exciting exhibition of contemporary textile pieces.

– Bridie Bedingfield, Waveney Valley Blog

For more information, including sample images and statements by all the artists visit