Come and Try Taekwondo

All Beccles Taekwon-do Classes POSTPONED due to Corona Virus

Mr and Mrs Bedingfield have come to the decision to postpone classes until we are sure it is safe to continue.

It is going to happen to all clubs in the coming weeks, if not days, and we do not want to spread or catch the virus by teaching ever decreasing classes of students.

We DO want to be here to start again when this is over, even if it is months of postponement! 

We will start working on a weekly ‘virtual tuition’ programme that we can email/message our students to follow.

For further information about the virus and for advice visit the website.

Mr and Mrs Bedingfield
Beccles Taekwon-do 

Beccles Taekwon-do

Come and Try Taekwondo for Free

also … Adults train for Free with a paying child(under 16) when they join our club!!!

+ 1st session Free

+ Free t-shirt when you join our club!

New members welcome at any session!

Every Mon & Thurs 7-8.30pm.

The Venue, Ringsfield Road, Beccles

Come and Try Taekwondo

Beccles Taekwondo Students past and present.

Here’s to looking back at

‘all those lovely people’

‘who did Come and Try Taekwondo’

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Lots of new faces in 2020 already 🙂