Taekwondo grading

Bungay & Beccles Taekwon-do clubs 1st belt grading of 2018

A Big Congratulations to all Beccles & Bungay Taekwon-do students who passed their Spring Grading at Bungay High School on Sunday 18th March 2018. All students were graded on their individual belt syllabuses, which includes patterns, techniques, step sparring routines, self defence, sparring, destruction, and a test of their knowledge in both English and Korean.

GTUK Examiner Mr Steve King VI degree was very pleased with the progress of all students, and said that the standards were very high, he congratulated them on their 100% pass rate. A special well done to 4 students for passing their Provisional Black Belt grading, they were awarded their Black Tag belts and will now be preparing for their full Black Belt grading in front of Grandmaster Oldham IX degree at a later date.

Now is a perfect time to start getting fit following on from the excesses of Easter chocolate.

The sport of Taekwondo is an excellent and fun way of losing weight, gaining fitness and suppleness as well as developing self-confidence alongside real self defence capabilities. Both clubs are family orientated with many parents training alongside their children in order to gain new skills and a sense of wellbeing.

Ages 5 and up!

So come and join us!

Taekwondo grading

1st Session is always Free, visit the club websites for more details:

www.bungay-taekwondo.co.uk and www.beccles-taekwondo.co.uk