cook with me app

Cook With Me is a cooking app, which we hope will encourage young children to cook and eat healthily. Costing only 69p on the Apple App Store on Apple devices running iOS7 contains a fun, hands-on game for the child to play.


Once completed the recipe appears so the parent/guardian can cook it along with the child. This, we hope, will allow the children to enjoy what they were making on screen when they make/eat it in real life.

The app was made by Little Things, a company run by six fifteen year olds. Little Things started out selling unique handmade gifts such as: Magnetic Pegs, Brooches, Earrings, Scrapbooks, and much more.


The company was entered in the Young Enterprise competition. After entering we decided that selling these handmade items was maybe not enough to get us far in the competition so we started mind mapping some ideas. We then realized that two of our members are aspiring web developers so we started basing out ideas around that.

Soon after we came up with Cook With Me.

We sent out surveys around our school and to a local Brownie group to select a target audience and find out more about the market. We then set the GCSE Cooking students at our school the task of coming up with some recipes for us to include in our app. The material we got back was astonishing so we included them in the app.

Our two developers set to work to write the 4265 lines of code and create the 161 images required.

Unfortunately, on our first submission Apple rejected the app. Although we were disheartened, we added more features and made a few more recipes before submitting it again for a second try. This time it got accepted and we were over the moon with joy.

We are still working hard to make the app bigger and better.


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