Being in the health and wellness business is rewarding and challenging. You’re up against a lot of other great products and companies who are all trying to compete in the space. That’s why it’s important to come up with new ways to get in front of your audience.

You have to be willing to put yourself out there and try new ideas. It starts by having a solid team in place who are able to help you execute your plan. Hold a brainstorming session to get all of the ideas out on the table and review what may be feasible. See creative ways to promote your health and wellness business.


Still not a lot of companies are using video to promote their business and brand. It’s a great medium for capturing the attention of your audience and increasing engagement with them. Create a YouTube channel and use the YouTube channel art maker to help your page stand apart. Grow your following and share content with the world. Make your channel look professional and uniquely you by creating and adding channel art. Adobe Spark’s YouTube channel art maker helps brand your channel and entice users to watch your video and become subscribers.

Live Events

Promote your health and wellness business by getting in front of the community. Secure demonstrations and events in various stores around town. Partner up with businesses who believe in your mission and want to help you succeed. It’s a great way to interact with your audience in person and tell them more about who you are and what you do. Hand out free samples and win over their hearts immediately. It’s also a good time for you to collect information about them so you can keep in contact.

Social Media

Start a few social media pages and have a member of your team monitor them on a daily basis. Share content that your audience finds valuable and wants to interact with. Use social media as a customer service hub for answering questions and addressing concerns. Be present and available to interact with your audience and keep them interested in your business. There are also opportunities for you to advertise and make sure your company gets in front of the right target audience. Ask users to submit images of them using your product or being healthy, and highlight them on your page.


Engage with the community by showing your support through sponsorships. It’s a fun and engaging way to promote your company and products. Put your name all over the local festivals, parades and running races. Show your love for your community by giving back and demonstrating excitement about the events. Consider having a booth or volunteering at the various functions so you have a better chance of interacting with others.


Now’s not the time to sit back and relax. Put yourself out there by getting involved and interacting with your audience as much as possible. These are creative ways to promote your health and wellness business.