On Saturday 21 June at 7.30pm
in St Leonard’s Church,
Lexden Road, Colchester, Essex
Quire will present a very special concert entitled

featuring music from Africa and around the world to raise funds a community in Ghana supported by the charity Friends of Tafo. The Africa themed concert is a wonderful way to end the day when St Leonard’s fete held during the afternoon also raises funds for Africa.

featuring African freedom songs
sung by Nelson Mandela and friends

QUIRE Colchester’s sensational world music community choir of approx 60 voices is delighted to present an inspirational concert featuring African songs of hope and struggle born out of the oppression of apartheid era, songs sung by freedom seekers like Nelson Mandela and many others who fought for their right to freedom.

Small change can make a big change in Kwahu-Tafo. For example, going to school costs £7 a year, but 300 children come from families who can’t afford that, so charity Friends of Tafo run a Needy Pupils Fund. The children’s joy at not being excluded is palpable. For bigger sums bigger things are possible :

  • £12 buys a bicycle
  • £ 300 cleans up a well
  • £ 8,000 builds a school library – and there’s everything in between!
“The great thing about giving to Kwahu-Tafo is that your donation goes where it’s meant to, and you see results” says Humphrey, Tafo’s Development Chief.

“We’re absolutely delighted to present CRY FREEDOM! at St Leonard’s Church where Quire will celebrate the songs of achievement by people fighting for their rights. It is fitting that in this special concert, Quire will be raising funds for the people of Kwahu-Tafo, a community in Ghana, supported by the charity Friends of Tafo. I can promise everyone who comes on Sat 21 June a night to remember!” says Professor Bill Tamblyn, Quire’s Music Director “An evening with Quire is a unique experience where audiences are positively encouraged to join in, clap and even sing and dance in the aisles and enjoy world music!”.

Audiences will experience Quire’s exuberant performance as over 60 singers in four part harmony perform in languages from around the world including African: Zulu, Shona, Khosa; New Zealand : Maori, Hispanic, Jamaican, Dutch and more.