Susie’s Favourite Recipes

Car Birthday Cake

suitable for lactose intolerance

Chocolate Cake
600g (21 oz) Self-Raising Flour
675g (24 oz) Castor Sugar
75g (3 oz) Dark Cocoa Powder
300g (12 oz) Soya Margarine
6 Medium Eggs
15 tbsp Soya Milk
Few Drops Vanilla Essence

1kg of ready to roll Regal-Ice Icing
Food colouring

1 Deep Based Tin

* It is best to make the sponge the day before you need to decorate it. This allows the cake to cool and slightly harden.

* Heat oven to 180, 350 F, Gas Mark 4.

* Prepare baking tin with grease proof paper.

* Put dry ingredients into a big bowl and mix.

* Rub in the soya margarine.

* Beat the eggs with the soya milk.

*Stir in the egg mixture and vanilla essence into the dry ingredients.

*Place the mixture into the tin and bake for about 40 – 50 minutes.

* Once the cake is cooked leave to cool.

* Try to cut the basic shape out of the cake. You may find you need to add extra layers to get the shape you require.

* Once you are happy with the shape of the cake, mix a little jam with some water in a bowl. Using a pastry brush, coat the sponge with the jam. This helps the icing to stick to the sponge.

* Roll the icing out until it is big enough to cover the cake. The icing needs to be quite thick.

* Gently mould the icing over the cake and cut off the excess icing. Push the icing under at the edges of the cake so you have a nice neat finish.

* Using the edge of a spoon or a round edged knife, gently make indentations into the icing to create impression lines of the car. When you are happy with your outlines, go over them adding a bit more pressure.

* With the spare icing mould the wheel shapes and put them in place. You can add smaller details like wing mirrors, door handles etc if you wish, or just keep it simple.

* Use some spare icing to test your food colouring on. Once you have the correct colour paint the car.

* The number plate could be used to add a small message or the persons name.

* I hope they enjoy their unique cake!

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