Icebergs & Island by Krys Leach

Deep South, an exciting and vivid interpretation of Antarctica, featuring work by seven artists who met on a cruise to the region, including Norfolk artists Krys Leach and Tracy Myers, launches Wymondham Arts Centre’s 2013 season on Friday, March 22. 

The exhibition, which is curated by Krys Leach, runs from Friday, March 22 to Sunday, April 14 and is open daily: Monday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm and Sunday 12 noon to 5pm, free entry.

Krys Leach and Tracy Myers from Honing went on a trip of lifetime to the Antarctic peninsular, the Falkland Islands and South Georgia in 2009 to celebrate 25 years of being together. During the cruise they met five other artists. The result of this meeting is Deep South.

The Wymondham show is Deep South’s grand finale. Libby Jones, a printmaker from Twickenham, was the driving force behind bringing the exhibition together. It was first shown, to great acclaim, in autumn 2010 at Dulwich College – Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton’s school. The show was at The Stables Gallery, Twickenham in 2011 and last April was at Discovery Point in Dundee – the resting place of Captain Scott’s first exploration ship, the Discovery. Deep South was a key part of the museum’s commemoration of the Captain Scott centenary.

Deep South features Krys Leach’s luscious snowscapes and ingenious 3D interpretations of abandoned whaling stations, Tracy Myer’s stunning photomontages and Beryl Hole’s beautiful ceramics.  Libby Jones will exhibit her thought-provoking collection of hand made prints and installations.  And there are photographs by Frank Hole, Kristine Hannon and Joanne Wilkinson, which capture the thrill of Antarctic wildlife and the beauty of the landscape.

There will be a raffle of original work by the artists to help raise funds for charities active in Antarctica.

Krys Leach said: “Going to Antarctica was a fantastic adventure for both Tracy and me. The adventure has continued with Deep South. It has been a privilege to work with the other artists and to be able to show our response to this beautiful and fragile part of the World.”

Arthur Lucas, Chairman Wymondham Arts Forum said: “This show will get the 2013 season off to a flying start.  Deep South represents our commitment to bringing the work of talented artists before the public, whatever their medium or the genre within which they work. This show combines a variety of styles and, for most of us, an exotic location, and will be of interest on many levels. The following 23 exhibitions in the season will present the work of other artists new to the gallery, as well as regular group shows and some solo shows by artists who have shown here before as part of a group. The gallery will reward regular visits throughout the year, but don’t miss this brilliant opening exhibition.”

Wymondham Arts Centre is at Becket’s Chapel, Church Street, Wymondham NR18 0PH, email [email protected].  

Whale Town by Tracy Myers

The Artists:

Krys Leach, painter and exhibition curator is best known for his seascapes and inspirational techniques. Krys has used the old whaling industry as his inspiration. Making 3D paintings from objets trouves, he has taken full opportunity to exercise his fondness for texture and innovative techniques to render the intricate tracery of the ice, soft snow and hard industry.

Tracy Myers printmaker and painter is interested in natural, historical and social themes. Tracy is fascinated by man’s battle with the inhospitable world of Antarctica and brings to life moments from the history of the whalers. A gifted draftswoman, printmaker and designer, she combines all these skills with a deft touch in digital manipulation to produce images which highlight the stoic – and sometimes unpredictable – character needed to live and work in a brutal industry.

Kristine Hannon is a Belgian travel writer and photographer passionate about the Antarctic. Kristine has travelled the world as a professional photographer. At the end of her first Antarctic season, the company she worked for went bankrupt. With no salary and no way to get home, she stayed on the ship for about a month. Together with the 21 remaining sailors she crossed the Atlantic to Croatia were the ship was arrested. With a unique gift for capturing the moment, Kristine has brought home the awesome beauty of the Antarctic landscape: salmon pink sunsets over turquoise bergs, dark seas, glittering ice and poignant vignettes of compassion amid a relentless battle for survival.

Libby Jones printmaker. Her work includes installations and book works. Libby’s has always been concerned with natural and scientific phenomena. She has taken this opportunity to address the environmental concerns of Antarctica head-on.  Libby has produced a number of collagraphic and screen prints, some provocative, but one centre-piece of the show is her inspiring iceberg installation complete with dripping water and ticking clocks.

Beryl Hole potter, teacher and round the world sailor. By contrast, Beryl has translated the sway of the Southern Ocean and the jagged ice into graceful pots and ceramics.  The bulk of her work is thrown, reduction fired stoneware and porcelain; the contrasting rough textures and smooth surfaces making a perfect expression of ice and stone.

Frank Hole photographer and round the world sailor. Frank worked in business for many years but has always been a keen photographer.  He and Beryl sailed around the world in their 35’ yacht and consequently became very involved in bird and marine life. His visit to the Antarctic inspired him to photograph the unique environment and its wildlife. The photographs on show are a very small sample of his experiences.

Joanne Wilkinson animator, photographer and world traveller. Joanne has made a photographic study of the teeming animal and bird life of the region and has made these wonderful scenes available to a wider audience.