Dear friends and colleagues

We may have had some wet weather last week, but wow! it’s done my garden the world of good, hopefully it has done the same for yours.  I’ll let you into a little secret, Chris and I were in London last week, the weather was great, and I nearly had my shorts on, well, nearly.

We have a little over 5 weeks before our Carers Information Day on Monday June 12th at the Norwich Forum, and requests for table space are still coming in.  Attached is a flyer for the event which I hope you will download and do as you have done before please, feed it to as many people as possible, and send it to others who will be able to do the same.

Because of your help, last year we had more people than ever call in to see us to gain the wonderful help and advice you offer them, there might be a limit we can handle, but with more and more people needing help and knowing about our Carers Information Day on Monday June 12th, I don’t think we’ve reached that limit yet. 

At 10.00am, Mr. Norman Lamb, MP for North Norfolk will be opening the event for us.  He is, as you will realise, interested and very involved with caring and helping others, and he has asked me to introduce him to as many of you as possible.

To register for table space if you haven’t already, hit the link Event Registration form 2017“, fill it in, and please, read the Terms and Conditions.  The link is also on the front page of our website – www.careforcarers.org.uk,

This attachment is the flyer for our event at the – “Event Monday June 12th 2017″.

Please don’t forget the wonderful opportunity our events offer for networking, so if you’re able to call in and see us, bring plenty of business cards and do your thing, everyone is welcome.

Dementia has been a problem for more years than we can remember, it can effect anyone, “Yes”, even you and me.  When I was young, people were put into Mental Hospitals, before that it was Mental Asylums, they were locked away.  Over the past few years, Dementia has become more recognisable and understood as an illness.

One way you can help those who suffer, is contact others and tell them about the “Dementia Fayre” at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital” on Monday May 15th, Chris and I are not organising it but we’ll be there.

There is no booking or entry tickets needed, and if you would like a space to take part, contact me on – [email protected] – or call me on – 0300 777 8880 – and I’ll give you contact details of someone who can help.

*     *     *     *     *

Although our name is Care for Carers, at all our events we have so much support from you that we are able to say that anyone with almost any problem can call in for support, as if there is no-one there to help, someone knows where to get the services required,

Networking has become a very popular item at all our events, so if you’re not able to have a table, call in, wet your whistle, and do your thing, you won’t regret it.

Regards and best wishes

Peter and Chris

“Together we are Strong”

“Event Registration Document 2017”

Telephone 0300 777 8880

Email [email protected]