exhibition stands

Display Ideas for Events

Expos and shows offer businesses the chance to show off what they got to potential clients. The first question that is common to many business owners is how to drive traffic to their exhibition stands. This can be scary but if well thought over, an eye-catching display will make it happen! We have laid out some ideas that are worth a try.

Display your products and services in a unique way

This is where creativity is required. Make your display the first thing that will draw more traffic to your display stand. Think outside the box and make your display stand different from other businesses. It is best to come up with a less costly idea that serves at the same time. A good example is professional pop up stands that are easy to assemble, portable and can be used to promote your business professionally in various locations. A cheap investment gives you the chance to use it repeatedly. Make sure that the way you display your products stands out from other businesses.

Create an inviting atmosphere to your display area

The whole idea behind setting up an exhibition stand is to attract traffic and initiate conversations. Create an atmosphere where people feel comfortable to listen to what you have to say about your products and services. Make sure that the wording choice and clarity of your display graphics are inviting as well. Most importantly, be welcoming to your visitors. Say ‘hi’ to those turning to look at your trade show booth and strike a conversation immediately they show interest. Be simple and fun!

Educate your target Showgoers

Besides just selling, it is important you be a thought leader. Provide a learning experience to your target audience. This gives the potential clients the confidence that your company is made of trusted experts. Give them educative talks and demonstrate your products for better understanding. On top of that, give your audience full engaging information that is necessary to educate them.

Be Simple but Fun

Create an environment that is simple and fun to your target audience. As simple as you can be, do not forget to be creative. Include ideas that make your brand attract even more audience. In case you find it hard to come up with great tips, get help from professionals. They will help you come up with ways to attract crowd and call for new entrees as well. A good example would be providing free Wi-Fi and fast internet connection around your stand. Take free photos to those who are willing at your display and ensure you capture your brand well. Urge people to share the photos on social media and other platforms. This will help push your brand attracting new potentials to your business.

Show off your previous work

It is important to have a portfolio of previous successful jobs done as part of the display. Let the visitors have a look at them as you take them through. Make sure you have a team that helps you in case the crowd is bigger than you can handle. The team should be people who understand the products and services well to be able to provide information to the target audience.

Get Contact details and information quickly

You will not miss a number of people who show interest in your products and services. Make sure you go home with their contact information. At the same time, have flyers and business cards ready with you to make sure they go home with yours as well. This will really help you do proper follow up and eventually close some business as a result.

Have many smart Giveaways

Most people who attend shows and expos expect to carry home goodies from different companies. Give people items that have your brand or logo on. Have a better understanding of the people likely to attend the event. This helps you select items that are ideal to your target clients. A good idea of such items includes reusable items such as t-shirts, branded bags, pen holders, wallets or other items that create memories. Make sure that you are strategic when it comes to placing the logos on the items. The logo should be visible and uncovered when the item is in use.

Advertise your display stand on social media platforms.

Promote your booth on social media and let your followers know that you will be attending that particular event. Invite them to visit and stop by your exhibition stand for more information about your products and services.

Wrapping up: 

Hoping you enjoyed the creative trade booth ideas listed in this piece. Your part is to implement and make your exhibition moment a success.