🐺 ⚠️ Dog walkers warning!! Seasonal Canine Illness alert!

There are a growing number of cases of SCI in the locality, Suffolk seems particularly bad for it, probably because of the type of forests we have.

There have been a growing number of cases, and fatalities, of dogs after being walked in Dunwich, Thetford and Rendlesham forests and woodland near Woodbridge.

If this awful illness isn’t on your radar, symptoms in dogs can be of very rapid onset.

Sometimes even during the walk.

Vomiting, diarrhoea, extreme lethargy, and death can follow within a couple of hours.

Any doubts take your dogs straight to the nearest vet. They now know how to treat it but time is of the essence.

They still believe it is most likely caused by enzymes from harvest mites bites so keep your dogs moving when walking and no heads in rabbit holes where they could be quickly engulfed, and keep out of long marsh grass etc where deer roam.

You can see the mites between the toes and in ears as orange ‘sand’ but you may not see this at all once your dog is ill as the mites may have moved on. So don’t assume no mites no SCI.

icenipost.com story shared from Southwold & Reydon Chit Chat group by Sheila Brough 👍