Why is it that every time we open a newspaper or switch on the news we are confronted with reports of doom and gloom? Can it be that successive Governments since the last World War have failed in their attempts to create a society with the high standard of living they promised for all after so many had risked and given their lives for it?

We are a democratic country! Our elected government is vested in the people collectively to recognise equal rights and privileges in all Political, Social and Legal situations. So why are large conglomerates, who control much of the world’s wealth and affairs and in whom we all put our trust when we were led to believe they were indestructible, now crumbling with little or no idea how to correct their errors. It’s strange how those at the very top never seem to suffer or lose anything other than the faith that had been put in them.

Did You Know?

This country has suffered recessions before but although they might be assessed in the same way as the present one, the effect it has on various groups in the community can be very different. In the past, the country was governed and run by people who were leaders of their own particular Class. Although there were obvious Upper, Middle and Lower Classes each of these had their own sub divisions. It was the Upper Class who had control and set the rules. Consequently, the Lower Classes had to do as they were told. It sounds a very harsh system but even so, there were compensations.

Ordinary people had much less than they have today and therefore very little to lose. Some occupied houses that went with their job so they had no rent, rates, insurance or maintenance to worry about. Unless of course, they were one of the many unfortunate enough to be sacked. In those days there were no facilities to borrow money unless you had collateral to cover the full loan. There was little hope of financial help from friends or relations who were unlikely to be any better off than yourself. Those on each level of the Classes all suffered the same hardships. Shops and Establishments ran savings clubs throughout the year so anyone who wished could save for Christmas or a special occasion. However, to get the full benefit you usually had to spend the money at the establishment who ran the club. When the agreed time came it was paid out with a bonus that might be as much as one shilling and eight pence for every pound. Lots of families took advantage of such opportunities but there were many who found that by the end of each week they had nothing left to put aside.

Recessions affect everyone but those that have the most are likely to be the hardest hit. Much of the population in the 1930’s had to struggle to keep food on the table for their families and with the lack of opportunities very few had any ambition or expectations. Fortunately, at such times people who find themselves in similar situations are brought closer together and companionship becomes more important than ever. Consequently, they seem more ready to accept the situation and make the most of it by sharing what they have and in doing so, they reach a kind of contentment that gives them some peace of mind.

It is difficult for anyone brought up in the lifestyle enjoyed today to understand how their forefathers, who had so little to enhance their lives, were able to find contentment of any sort. Is there a message here? The facts seem to indicate that the pleasure and satisfaction we get from material things can be very short lived unless they are combined with more human feelings such as friendship, love and understanding. Even more so when we sit back and realise that those things have still got to be paid for!

The present situation that affects everyone can be blamed on greedy Bankers, the Government and all kinds of people. Whoever you decide is at fault, perhaps it should be remembered that the Society we live in demands we have everything we want at once. Regardless of what we can afford or should expect in return for our efforts and contribution to the community.

Consequently, the public have built up personal debts that are beyond their means and which are constantly being increased by the interest. To meet their demands the Banks were obliged to follow their example. [Especially when the interest rates were so good]. So they too borrowed money they can’t repay.

The only real solution is for everyone to be sure they have the money before spending it! – But then, if we all did that, there would be no currency in circulation: – No money being spent would create mass unemployment so there would be no wage packets coming into households and nothing to save!

It is easy to see how we got into this mess but who has any idea how to get us out of it??!!

valley lad – [FIFTY-EIGHT]