Eat Well, Buy Local – a challenge for September 

Second edition already? Last year it went like hot potatoes, this year we’ve updated it and printed more. So look out for “EAT WELL, BUY LOCAL 10 miles of good food around HALESWORTH” published by HinT, Halesworth in Transition.

HinT has located more than 80 food producers taking in towns and villages from Harleston to Leiston, Bungay and Beccles to Saxmundham. The Directory tells the reader what is being grown or produced and where they can buy it, listing over a hundred retail outlets selling local goods.  You will be able to find it in libraries, Tourist Information Centres, farm shops, and retail outlets.

Why eat local?  First, because it’s fresh. Second, because it tastes good. And third, because it makes sense. Rural communities once more or less supported themselves. Now much is supplied from far away, using heavy amounts of fuel for transport and refrigeration. Shopping from local producers helps restore the local food networks, which will once again become important as fuel gets more damaging to get out of the ground, and more expensive. By buying local, you enjoy what you taste and at the same time help the local community to flourish.

So join the “30:30” campaign. For the 30 days in September, buy and eat food produced only within 30 miles of your town. This year there are month-calendars and food stickers available from the HinT stall at the Halesworth Farmers’ Market on Saturday 14th September where the second edition of the Directory will also be launched. And you can join a – free – raffle for samples of local produce.

What is Transition all about? Go to the Library for the Peak Oil and Creating a Sustainable Future exhibition in the Library Gallery from 5th to the end of September to see a well-researched and argued display.  And join HinT at our end-of-30:30 Celebratory Bring and Share Meal on Friday 27th September from 7.30 at St Mary’s Church Hall. Bring a dish made with local produce, or spare vegetables or fruit to share. Or just turn up.

Contact Sal Jenkinson [email protected] 01502 578470 or for more details of the Directory and all events.


What’s and when

Local Food events throughout September

  • Launch of second edition of Local Food Directory  “EAT WELL, BUY LOCAL : 10 miles of Good Food around Halesworth” at Farmers’ Market

(Sat 14th September 2013)

  • Transition (Peak Oil & Sustainable Future) exhibition at the Library, upstairs Gallery

(Throughout September 2013)

  • 30 : 30 challenge (eat food from within 30 miles for the 30 days of September) + Share A Meal

(Throughout September +Friday 27th September 2013)


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