The economic benefits of social responsibility

One of the most welcome trends in the global business environment is the way in which businesses have had to become a little more socially responsible in the way that they conduct their affairs.

This comes at a time where many are realising that current levels of economic growth are simple unsustainable. But thankfully at local and national levels, there are real efforts being made by businesses as far ranging as holiday complexes to gaming affiliate sites like Chipzup to help us all enjoy a better future.

Reducing the carbon footprint


Many businesses in the Norfolk and Suffolk area have been endeavouring to limit their carbon footprints. Brands such as Precision Marketing Group have provided a particularly effective example in eco-friendly work practices thanks to their long-term investment in a new office building that includes many eco-friendly features such as the installation of 400 solar panels and completely LED lighting.

Such efforts are key to what’s making both Norfolk and Suffolk pioneering centres of a sustainable economy where the focus is being placed on long-term social consequences, rather than short-term financial gain. And with the ever-present newspaper scare stories of how rising sea levels could wipe out the Norfolk Broads, it’s clear that now is the time to act.

Tackling social issues


But it’s not just environmental concerns that many businesses are tackling. As social concerns facing troubled youngsters have also be put under the spotlight thanks to the Institute of the Motor Industry’s endeavours to provide Norfolk’s youth with access to its scheme that provides experience and support in the motor vehicle maintenance industry.

Even the online gaming arena has made efforts to tackle social issues with online casino sites such as Chipzup being keen to provide secure and responsible gambling when they promote their partners.

Eco-friendly fun

Eco-friendly fun

The fact that an entertainment site such as Mr Smith Casino takes the time to deal with social issues also illustrates how people’s leisure time can also be made a little more ethically-aware.

Resorts on the North Norfolk coast such as Deepdale have earned a fantastic reputation for their eco-friendly practices that seek to showcase an alternative way of holidaying.

And with the likes of Bewilderwood showing that even theme parks can be sustainable, it shows that whether it’s a backpacking retreat or even a gaming site, there’s plenty that can be done to make a business more socially responsible.