Etiquette & Indomitable Spirit!

Etiquette & Indomitable Spirit!

ICENI Taekwon-do success at the British Taekwon-do Championships on March 5th 2022

ICENI Taekwon-do competitors travelled 150 miles to Coventry for the GTUK British Taekwondo Championships, and came back with 6 medals!

  • Soph Akerman – Black Belt, won Silver for Patterns
  • Michael Wickwar – Blue Tag, won Silver for Patterns, Silver for Sparring & GOLD for Destruction!
  • Harry Dyble – Green Belt, won Silver for Patterns and Bronze for Sparring

ICENI students shone throughout the tournament, showing their respect to their opponents, and their indomitable spirit whenever it was called upon. Gaining applause and praise from all quarters, especially from Grandmaster Oldham!

As always there is more to this story than just the medals… Indomitable Spirit!

Other ICENI students competed fantastically on the day but without the success of medals, finishing as quarterfinalists, but bringing back smiles, new friendships, battle experience and a few bruises to boot:

  • Jay Akerman Black Belt
  • Jack Chapman Black Tag (Junior)
  • Danny Abramson Green Belt
  • Kieran Huggins Yellow Belt

All proudly represented our ICENI Tribe.

Black belt Mr Paul Chapman was officiating all day, along with ICENI instructors Mr and Mrs Bedingfield.

The Pattern sections were very competitive and high in standards, some with large categories of students, all vying for a spot on the medal rostrum.

The Sparring was fiercely contested throughout the day, some were exceptional and reached ‘Pay Per View’ standards for entertaining the spectators!

Destruction is always a great contest, especially when there is only 1 medal up for grabs, well done Michael.

This little video helps sum up the day! (Thanks for the photos Danny)

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