A new concept in the creation and presentation of intermedia live art performance, covering dance, music, live visuals, creative lighting design and performance writing debuts at Norwich Arts Centre on December the 3rd 2019.

FLUX:INTERMEDIA, the title of both the show and the name of the artists’ collective who have created it will be staged on the floor of Norwich Arts Centre’s auditorium and will combine large-scale projections and multi- channel to help to create an immersive space within which performers and audience will create and experience the coming together of these different art-forms. Taking influence from the international Fluxus group of artists from the 1960s and 1970s, exemplified by the likes of composers LaMonte Young and John Cage, pioneer of video art Nam June Paik, multimedia artist and peace activist Yoko Ono and of course the movement’s central co-ordinator, the multi-media artist George Maciunas. Audiences will be welcome to move around the space and should expect a mischievous and fun performance.

FLUX:INTERMEDIA is a collaboration between lead artist, composer and musician Bill Vine (UNIT, After The Blitz), visual artist Liam Roberts (Float Digital, UNIT), choreographer Vinicius Salles (Punchdrunk Theatre, Jasmin Vardimon), dancer Jorja Follina (National Youth Dance Company of Scotland), dancer James Olivo (National Youth Dance Company, Sadlers Wells), lighting designer Ed Saunders (National Dance Company of Wales) and writer John Boursnell (Gutter, From Glasgow to Saturn).

Bill Vine said “I’ve always found myself looking back to the Fluxus group when considering my work after it has happened, so this is an opportunity to create something with it in mind from the outset. One of the may brilliant things about this movement was that all artforms were involved and everyone was welcome. It was rooted in experimental music, which is my own practice, and means ‘flowing’. It has no single underlying style and was a democratic form of creativity open to everyone. This is what we want to get back to with FLUX:INTERMEDIA. Chance, accident, mischief and humour play a large part in the creation of works and we’ll be exploring these key concepts.”

Bill Vine is available for interview and can be contacted as above for availability, review tickets etc. Following the debut performance in Norwich, FLUX:INTERMEDIA will tour nationally.

FLUX:INTERMEDIA is supported by Arts Council England, Norwich Arts Centre and Norfolk County Council.

Tickets: https://norwichartscentre.co.uk/events/flux-intermedia/ 01603 660352
Tickets are Pay What You Can Afford: £5, £8, £10.50 or £4 concessions.

Story by: Bill Vine [email protected]rg.uk

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