Sarah Crush Domestic violence
Sarah’s family completed a series of challenges to raise money in honour of her 40th birthday, and to help others in her position.

Family and friends raise over £17,000 in honour of local woman Sarah Crush who was brutally attacked by her husband

Domestic violence has seen an alarming increase during lockdown. In April, calls to abuse helplines were up by 49%. By June, they were up 77%*.

With government cuts ‘decimating’ services and demand soaring, help is needed now more than ever, and charities such as Women’s Aid offer vital support. 

Doing more than their fair share is a group of family and friends, who decided to take the opportunity to do something positive when their lives were struck by cruel tragedy.

Sarah Crush Domestic violence
Sarah Crush, described as “thoughtful, caring and compassionate” suffered a violent attack by her husband, leaving her unable to live an independent life

Sarah Crush, described by her family as “thoughtful, caring and compassionate” suffered a violent attack by her husband. Sarah’s head injuries were so severe she barely survived, leaving her unable to live an independent life.  

Sarah’s life has changed irrevocably due to the severe brain injuries inflicted upon her. Sarah, who grew up in Old Buckenham, Norfolk and later moved to Oulton Broad, Suffolk, now lives in a care home in Norwich and requires 24 hour care. Her son and parents are able to visit occasionally but currently have to stay outside and wave through the window due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Sarah’s sister, Katie Middleton commented “It’s difficult to know how aware Sarah is as her hearing and eyesight is severely impaired and she is still unable to talk. Sarah is a mum, daughter, sister, cousin, niece and loyal friend to many, and it is so cruel that her life has been impacted in this way”.

Katie Middleton
Katie Middleton, Sarah’s sister, urges action “to help prevent tragedies such as Sarah’s from happening again.”

Sarah’s loved ones have rallied in support, and despite being faced with greater difficulties due to the pandemic, have already managed to raise over £17,000. The fundraiser is being split between key charities who have provided amazing medical care and support for Sarah, as well as those which can hopefully prevent the same from happening to others.

Katie commented “With Sarah’s 40th birthday this September, as well as the one year anniversary of the incident, family and friends wanted to mark the occasion with a positive outcome. We set ourselves challenges based around the theme of Sarah’s milestone birthday. We ran, cycled or walked 400km in 30 days during September, while others did 40 miles in 40 days, or 40 push-ups for a month. All with the aim of doing as much as we could to raise money in honour of Sarah, and to help others in her position. 

With cases of domestic violence on the rise due to lockdown, these charities are in need of as much support as possible. An increase in violence has been endured by two-thirds of women in abusive relationships, according to an investigation by Women’s Aid, in conjunction with BBC’s Panorama.

“All of these women are facing the same situation Sarah had to endure and are in urgent need of support” Katie continued. “Domestic abuse can escalate suddenly with irreversible consequences, and we must act quickly to help prevent tragedies such as Sarah’s from happening again”.

Lily Porter, senior fundraising officer at Women’s Aid comments: “With domestic abuse having increased during lockdown, it is more important than ever to provide vital support to those who desperately need it. We were incredibly sorry to hear of the violent attack Sarah suffered. Sadly, it is a story we hear all too often. Despite the tragic circumstances, it is heartening and inspiring to hear of the efforts Sarah’s family is making to raise important funds for charity. We are so grateful to be included as a beneficiary – donations from the public make a huge difference in our goal to protect women and children from domestic abuse.”

To help people like Sarah, please donate to Sarah’s 40th fundraiser