Norwich Twenty Group
Art from Norwich, Novi Sad, Rouen, Koblenz

Norwich Twenty Group’s (N20G) autumn exhibition
‘FourSight’, Fourth exhibition of work from four European Cities

showcasing more than 230 works, opens at the

Old Bally Shoe Factory, Hall Road, Norwich
courtesy of Targetfollow Group

on Monday, September 7th 2009

The exhibition then runs to Saturday September 19th 2009
and is open daily, 10am to 6pm, with free admission and free parking.

The exhibition features work from many of Norfolk’s top artists, with contributions from N20G’s sister art groups in Norwich’s twin cities of Rouen, Novi Sad and Koblenz. It is the fourth in a sequence of alliances with Norwich’s twins and the first time that Koblenz artists have taken part.

Nile Sunset John Broadbent
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The art on show is wide ranging and features traditional, figurative and abstract painting, sculpture and imaginative site installations responding to the space of the old factory.

As well as the exhibition of large works, there will be an opportunity to pick up many small items in the Art Bazaar. All Art Bazaar items are donated by N20G members to raise money for the group and are sold for £15.

Pebbles from Bossington with Apricots Joceline Wickham
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New Members exhibiting with N20G for the first time are Martin Battye, Mike Chapman, Katarzyna Colman, Oliver Creed, Lizzie Harvey, Gill Levin, Rachael Long, Derek Morris and John Rance.

Aurochs – Passant Gardant Leslie Burton
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N20G reviews the Final Degree Show at Norwich University College of the Arts each year and invites three young artists of exceptional talent to join the group as ‘licentiates’. This means they become members of the group for one year free of charge and are qualified to take part in exhibitions. This year’s artists include Victoria Scott and Kevin Parker.

Rory McShane Chairman N20G said: “As my first venture as Chairman of Norwich Twenty Group, I am delighted that our exhibition is bringing together artists from Norwich and its twin cities of Rouen and Novisad and, in an exciting new development, Koblenz. The exhibition aims to celebrate the rich mix of styles and ideas coming from four different countries and is likely to be a colourful, energetic and original show.”

“The group, as the name suggests, was originally made up of 2O artists from Norfolk who came together to discuss work and ideas. The group has recently expanded to more than 70 artists, following a series of highly successful exhibitions and collaborations, and includes recent graduates from Norwich University College of the Arts and new members with long established reputations such as Derek Morris, Gill Levin and Martin Battye.”

Five Canted Window Derek Morris
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