Sustainable Beccles
Saturday 28 March 2009, 7.30 pm, Hungate Church, Hungate, Beccles.

Whether you are an experienced grower of your own vegetable crop or hesitating about taking the plunge, this film, hosted by the “Sustainable Beccles” group is highly recommended viewing.

Described as “a most astounding documentary” it shows in a dramatic way, how the Cuban people overcame the threat of starvation in the 1990s’ by cultivating every available patch of land on their island including the digging up of car parks. Faced with an 80% reduction in food imports and a 50% reduction in oil as a result of the collapse of the Russian State and imposition of Western sanctions, the Cubans had to act.

Member of sustainable Beccles Kate Buckley and new allotment holders Viv and Neal (left and centre) enjoy harvesting leeks at their allotments in Beccles – click to enlarge

It was decided to show this film after holding a successful inaugural meeting in January 2009 where it was agreed that raising awareness of the impact of climate change was paramount to the new group’s objectives. Participants attending were from a broad cross section of sustainable projects and activities including food growing, sustainable energy, cycling and organic farming to name a few.

Kate Buckley, a member of the group and keen allotment food grower says “anything which encourages people to grow their own vegetables has got to be a good thing – after all, it saves money, the food tastes better and it cuts down on demand for food from overseas thus reducing carbon emissions if done on a large enough scale”.

Established local orchard owner, Jim cooper, shares one of his own grown apples with Becky Taylor from “Greengrow” co-op at orchard planting day in February 2009 – click to enlarge

Anne Law, is another member from “Greengrow”, a workers’ co-operative which has leased land just outside Beccles with a view to establishing a local “vegetable box” scheme. Already, the co-op has established an apple orchard with the help of local people and erected a polytunnel.

So if you have ideas, want to learn more or are involved in sustainable projects locally, why not come and see the film and meet “Sustainable Beccles” members? Light refreshments available and optional discussion follows the film.

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Further information from Netta Swallow, 01502 470135 or email