Taekwon-do the Art of Self Defense


It costs you nothing! It costs them nothing.

Tell them you are all learning together.

Families that train together, stick together!

It will give them the perfect opportunity for a healthy start to 2023… So much better than a free gym pass, Taekwon-do Self Defence is good for your mind, your body and your indomitable spirit!

Download it here and print out!

It may be the best gift you have ever given, we keep people fighting fit into their 60s!


It’s been a tough couple of years for ICENI Taekwon-do, we have continued to fight on, slowly rebuilding the club, but new challenges of winter viruses and financial pressures are with us yet again.

So with this in mind ICENI Taekwon-do are offering:

4 FREE Taekwondo CLASSES to all new members!

That’s 4 Classes Free for each member of your family, ages 6 and up!

Taekwon-do is a great Activity for FAMILIES, where you can all train together.

You also get a Free club T-shirt when you officially join ICENI Taekwon-do club!
Each will get a Free T-shirt too, once they join the club!

ICENI Taekwon-do will help keep you fighting fit from 6 to your 60s!

Taekwon-do the Art of Self Defense … Would you like to learn more?

Book Your 4 Free Classes here: iceniTKD.uk