New Season of Sherlock

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How to Get Ready for the New Season of Sherlock

Earlier this month, the BBC confirmed that the first episode of Sherlock season four will premiere on New Year’s Day, Sunday 1st January 2017. Considering we’ve been waiting for our favourite Sherlock to return for almost a year now, we couldn’t be any more excited. To prepare you for the four episodes that will be shown throughout January – the first of which is apparently entitled The Six Thatchers – we thought we’d share some Sherlock-themed fun. Enjoy these activities alone or with your Sherlock-loving friends to prepare for the premiere.

Sherlock: Murdered To Death


Legendary detective Sherlock Holmes has been reinvented and re-imagined multiple times throughout the decades, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of slot games available out there for Sherlock fans. However, much like the various television series (we’re looking at you, Elementary) not all slot games are created equal.

Created by mFortune Software, Sherlock: Murdered To Death is often regarded as one of the better Sherlock-based slots. As this mysterious slot was developed in-house, it can be found on mFortune, both online and in the App Store and new players are entitled to receive a free spins no deposit UK bonus. As the player, you are encouraged to help Sherlock and Dr Watson solve one of the most difficult cases they’ve ever faced by discovering matching symbols on the 15 paylines. The more matches you get, the closer you and the gang will come to solving the eerie mystery. Plus, there is a variety of bonus features that will help you solve the case, including ‘Find The Lady,’ which transforms all wilds into a mysterious woman.

Sherlock Holmes – Nemesis

Although some may argue Sherlock Holmes – The Silver Earring is better than this title, there’s a certain charm to Nemesis. Released in 2008 by Frogwares, this RPG sends you back to the glory days of Sherlock Holmes in 19th Century London. There, French burglar Arsene Lupin is creating quite the stir by challenging the Scotland Yard and even Holmes himself.

There’s plenty of adventure throughout this title, which is currently available on Steam. Gamers will uncover clues, interact with well-known characters including the Queen of England and switch between playing as Holmes and Dr Watson to capture Lupin. Moreover, they recently updated the game, so you can expect high-quality gameplay even if the graphics are a little dated.

Sherlock Exit Games

Fancy taking things a little further? Well, why not truly step into Sherlock Holmes’ shoes by visiting one of the numerous Exit Game venues across the UK. Sometimes referred to as Escape The Room games or Locked Room games, Exit Games are constructed to make you feel like an incredible detective as you and your friends search for clues and solve riddles and puzzles in order to find your way out of a specially designed room.

Of course, all of these would make you feel like Sherlock Holmes – but there are also rooms specifically built for fans of the detective. Escape in Hull, for instance, has a 221B Baker Street Room where you are actually hired by Moriarty to outsmart Sherlock and uncover all of his hidden secrets. There are also Sherlock Rooms with other plots and hidden secrets in Paisley, Scotland and the West Midlands. These games are not for the faint of heart, so only the most dedicated fans should attempt them.

We hope you have fun playing these games and we hope Sherlock is as good as ever when it returns.