Gillian Allard exhibition: 'AfterLife' at Beyond the Image

Beyond the Image Latest News!

We are showing a new exhibition by Gillian Allard at Beyond the Image Photographers’ Gallery.

Her beautifully photographed images for ‘AfterLife’ are on the flint wall until Sunday 6th September.

Gillian will be at the gallery on Monday 31st August from 2 – 4pm to talk about the inspiration behind her work and all are invited to come and meet her.

The gallery is open 11am – 4pm from Friday – Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday 31st August.

Parking is in the Thornham Walks car park (there is a small charge which goes towards the upkeep of the walks).

Other exhibitions in the gallery are Pandora’s Box by the gallery members (to 27th September) and photography by James Stannard (to 31st August) and Nicola Coe (from 4th September)


We hope you’ll be able to visit us soon!


Gillian Allard ‘AfterLife’ Artist’s Statement

What I find fascinating about photography is working ‘in camera’ to create altered realities. This happens quite spontaneously while engaging in the ‘taking’ process or by purposefully pre-visualising and ‘building’ the image in my mind and then in reality using the camera to explore the idea.

In my new series AfterLife, I have used creatures that have been alive, a reality we rarely ponder, and worked with their redundant and beautiful forms. I have applied techniques and limited the post-production to the very minimal ‘tweaking’ of contrast, clarity and colour temperature in order to create innovative images.

My fascination has been in taking something beautifully ‘made’ by natures hand and analysing the anatomical detail, colours and textures within each body. By drawing attention to these wonderful and often minute beings we can appreciate unexpected prehistoric references in their physical details and an extraordinary presence and expression in their unique postures, partly created in the moment of death.

Photography by its nature bridges this gap between reality and our imagination. By creating frozen moments each narrative is alive with animated characters that boldly own their space within their frame.

The project has not developed out of some macabre delectation but out of a desire to change perception and pose questions in the way, Leonardo’s incredible drawings from nature and Durer’s ‘fantastic’ Rhinoceros drew to our attention natures engineering of the creatures that share our world.

Note: many of the animals and birds were kindly donated by Steve Clifford, a hunter and pest controller on farms in the Mid-Suffolk area, others are road kill and the baby bird was found by my son in the garden.

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