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Out There Great Yarmouth 16-18 September 2016

Great Yarmouth’s international Out There festival takes it to the seafront

SeaChange Arts turns the almost the whole of the town into a circus spectacular as the eagerly anticipated Out There International Festival of Circus and Street Arts spreads to the resort’s famous  Golden Mile.

Next weekend (16-18 Sept) thousands of people from Norwich and surrounding areas will head to Great Yarmouth for the 9th Annual Out There International Festival of Circus and Street Arts, an annual event that successfully brings together the people of Great Yarmouth with visitors from across the UK and Europe.

A host of circus and street art talent from the UK, Europe and South America is set to bring Great Yarmouth alight with spectacle, spectacular skills and sensational fun for all the family. The eagerly awaited festival takes place on Friday 16, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September – and most of it is completely FREE!

An exciting new development this year sees Out There organisers SeaChange Arts enter into a partnership with Greater Yarmouth Tourism and Business Improvement Area (GYTABIA). Thanks to a grant from Arts Council England (and match funding from GYTABIA) they have collaborated to develop a packed programme of daytime and evening events on the seafront, bringing brilliant shows full of light and sound to the town’s Golden Mile, the jewel in Great Yarmouth’s crown.

Out There 2016 also features the re-launch of SeaChange’s base the Drill House following its £1.5million redevelopment and refurbishment. For the first time there will be both indoor and outdoor events at the historic hall, which will become an international circus centre for performance and creation alongside holding a vital community role for the town.

SeaChange Arts Chief Executive Joe Mackintosh commented ‘We’ve packed our traditional festival centre, St. George’s Park with top quality shows but are really pleased to be expanding the festival programme on the Seafront, which is only possible thanks to our fruitful partnership with GYTABIA.’

The seafront programme, taking place throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday – and extending to 11pm on Friday and Saturday evenings, is packed with highlights. These include the World Premier performance of Gorilla Circus’ Altitude, a high flying aerial spectacular part-created in Great Yarmouth that blends traditional circus skills with the unexpected.

Trapeze, high wire and a host of other high altitude acts will meet giant hydraulic arms and a purpose built structure that is as much a character and part of the show as the performers are! Worldwide dates are being booked for Altitude to follow its Out There performances.


VJ Suave from Brazil bring their show Suaveciclo to the seafront. A specially adapted tricycle roams the area projecting images that fly, run and leap across the landscape creating magical characters and stories that come to life and invite public interaction. Worldbeater’s mesmeric Spark! features high impact drumming, vibrant musical arrangements, beautiful lighting design, dynamic choreography, dazzling costumes and lovable characters. Featuring a splendid, fully functioning merry-go-round, Carousel is stylish and energetic dance theatre, set on a splendid fully functioning merry-go-round that imagines what the fairground people get up to after dark.

Over at St Georges Park there are as many thrills, spills, skills and as much family fun as can be shoehorned into the space! Leading figures from the worlds of dance and circus combine in NoFit State Circus and Motionhouse’s collaborative piece, Block.  Avanti Display, one of the UK’s leading street arts companies bring a special ‘Greatest Hits’ package of shows while Norfolk’s own Glasshouse present a surreal dance street theatre piece, Us.

Pickled Image’s Coulrophobia is the first show to be presented in the Drill House. Featuring clowns Dik and Adam in a ridiculous, anarchic, often hysterical and sometimes terrifying quest for freedom from a surreal cardboard world. The show is ticketed with tickets available from St. George’s Theatre on 01493 331484.

Following Out There the Drill Hall will stage regular shows as well as providing facilities for companies from around Europe to create new work and become the ‘engine room’ for much of the festival’s future programme.

Out There is now one of the country’s largest festivals of its kind, attracting audiences of more than 50,000 from all over the eastern region and across the UK, becoming a key event for visitors and locals alike.

As well as featuring the pick of home grown UK acts, there are companies bringing shows from France, Brazil and Spain. While firmly based in Great Yarmouth, SeaChange works extensively throughout the year with partners in Europe which helps give the festival such an international flavour.

Seachange are also leading a new national network, Coasters, a consortium of 10 organisations from locations around the coast of England. Coasters aims to enliven and reanimate the cultural economies of English seaside towns by touring world class circus and street arts.

Joe Mackintosh added ‘Tourism is such a vital part of Great Yarmouth and Out There very much supports that. This year we’re working in partnership with the BID  company (GYTABIA) to drive many more visitors to the festival and enhance the town’s visitor economy.’

Gareth Brown, GYTABIA chairman, said ‘We’re delighted to be working alongside Seachange Arts and the Out There Festival to expand the impact of the festival, to bring more festival programming to the town’s main tourist area, the seafront and to bring those festival audiences into contact with seafront traders.’

Hedley Swain, Area Director, South East, Arts Council England, said: ‘Out There is a great festival, offering people of all ages a fantastic opportunity to experience some of the world’s best circus and street arts. But it is much more than an arts festival, it puts Great Yarmouth on the map. It creates an exciting buzz around the town and attracts internationally renowned artists to perform, building on SeaChange Arts’ year round work with artists and audiences. We are really excited to see the role that the arts is playing in the regeneration of Great Yarmouth, particularly through the new partnership with Greater Yarmouth Tourism and Business Improvement Area to drive increased tourism for the town.’

Full details of the Out There Festival can be found at www.outtherefestival.com

Out There 2016 shows and performers Friday 16  – Sunday 18 September 2016

Friday 16 September
Celebrate the start of Out There ’16 with a special indoor and outdoor programme of night time dance, music, spectacle and silliness.

The seafront comes alive under the illuminative imagination of VJ Suave’s Suaveciclo and the percussive power of Worldbeater’s Spark! We welcome back to the festival the amazing Southpaw Dance with Carousel – an exploration of the hidden underbelly of the fairground.

Another festival favourite, Pickled Image take us inside the newly renovated Drill House for Coulrophobia – an anarchic, slapstick show to re-imagine your view of clowns.

Then, to round off the evening, Gorilla Circus take to the sky in Altitude, a brand new high adrenaline trapeze show performed on a kinetic structure.

The Shows

THE DRILL HOUSE York Road Great Yarmouth NR30 2LZ
Fri 16 & Sat 17 9pm | 80 mins
Sensational multimedia outdoor show in which fairy tales and fantasy combine in a circus-noir world where the borders between good and evil are blurred.
TICKETS £12 concs: £9 (16-18yrs & 60+yrs)


THE SEAFRONT Great Yarmouth All FREE

Fri 16 & Sat 17 7pm & 8.20pm, (also in St Georges Park 12 noon Sat)

SPARK! Worldbeaters Music (UK)
Mysterious characters made of light and sound take you on an extraordinary and mesmerising journey.
High impact drumming and vibrant musical arrangements, beautiful lighting design, dynamic choreography, dazzling costumes, and lovable characters that all develop and interact with the audience as the show progresses.

Fri 16 & Sat 17 7.30pm, Sun 18 4.30pm
CAROUSEL Southpaw Dance Company (UK)
Southpaw Dance Company’s latest work is a visually spectacular, viscerally enthralling tale of a fairground after dark. Around a fully functioning merry-go-round, an edgy story of the enigmatic fairground characters unfolds. As the fair shuts down for the night, its public face gives way to the exhilarating private celebrations and personal tragedies of a close-knit group of people.
Stunning dance theatre, performed to an eclectic Balkan and Gypsy- influenced score.

Fri 16 8.30pm & 9.50pm, Sat 17 8.30pm & 10pm
SUAVECICLO  VJ Suave (Brazil)
VJ Suave are Ceci Soloaga and Ygor Marotta, a new media art duo based in São Paulo, Brazil. Known for their urban interventions, Suaveciclo is a tricycle adapted to project animations and short movies, creating digital projections that fly, run and leap across the landscape. As the public interact with the beautiful audio-visual installations, magical characters and stories come to life.

Fri 16 & Sat 17 9pm
Altitude is a brand new outdoor show, created in Gt Yarmouth, exploring our relationship with height, fear, freedom and adrenaline. Set on a unique kinetic structure the show will blend the traditional with the unexpected. Flying trapeze, high wire and a host of other high altitude acts will meet hydraulic arms and a structure that is as much a character and part of the show as the performers are!


Sat 17 9.50pm
PEDAL-POWERED CAR CHASE Lawrence Bradby & Matthew Robinson (UK)
Cramming together explosive set- pieces from familiar blockbuster movies with footage of rush-hour
motorists, this mesmeric film is projected using a cycle-powered cinema. Accompanied by a live soundtrack played by musicians Mark Howe of Norwich’s The Neutrinos and Carl Cole, members of the audience are invited to pedal and power the film.

Sat 17 6pm, Sun 18 12.45pm
Do Not Disturb takes us to a factory in the early 20th century. Four characters are asked
to build a machine, a large wheel, without any instructions and without even knowing what the machine looks like. They fit things together… and then they take them apart again, solving issues as they go – the balance, the counter balance. Lacking guidance, all manner of funny, exciting and risky situations unfurl.

Sat 17 1.30pm – 6pm
Norwich Arts Centre presents foot tapping tunes from a quartet of festival sound-smiths. The SweetBeats deliver vintage dance hall classics; Norwich based Box of Light bring alternative pop; Sigma, joint- jumping beats and Phyllipa, continental jazz classics.

Sat 17 12-2pm & 3-5pm Sun 18 12.30-2.30pm
Little pirates and sailors! Join our crusty crew for a people-powered trip on the ocean waves. Age 2-8 yrs

Sat 17 & Sun 18 3pm
Set in a time when France is going bad. France is collapsing. France has lost its dignity, its values and virtues have lost their meaning; selfishness and despair has conquered the soul of all the French…
All? No, there’s still an elite resisting this crisis, fighting that social gloom: the Bourgeoisie! These Elite folk will give us a lesson of Savoir-Vivre, through different rural and naive scenes, an invitation to a promenade of denial, an anthropology of carefreeness.

Sat 17 1pm & 3.15pm, Sun 18 12noon & 3.30pm
URBAN ASTRONAUT Highly Sprung Performance (UK)
Urban Astronaut provides a glimpse of a future that might be… where problems surrounding air pollution have grown to a crisis point. is there any way back?
Combining stunning design and a unique travelling flying machine with simple storytelling and a moving dance performance, Urban Astronaut searches for a solution to the environmental disaster that is present in our near future. The answer is found in a simple encounter with a young girl who provides the one thing the astronaut has lost… hope.

Sat 17 1pm, 3pm & 4.45pm, Sun 18 1pm, 2.45pm & 4.45pm
Come on a journey with us on one of our famous traveling machines – The Submercycle and The Flycycle! Choose a traveling companion, find the Departure Lounge and we’ll take care of the rest. With Captain Bigshot, you’ll fly up, up and away, or dive under the sea with Captain Calypso.

Sat 17 12.15pm, 2.15pm & 4.30pm, Sun 18 12.30pm, 2.30pm & 4 pm
LOUGAROCK Theatre Du Vertige (France)
Lougarock – a 10 foot high werewolf standing right in front of you! Those that call it ‘the Beast’ might just be surprised by its tenderness, its animal nature. Will you find the way to its heart… or will you retain that primal fear?

Sat 17 4.30pm, Sun 18 4 pm
BUNKAI Amer & Africa Circ (Spain)
Bunkai is a karate term meaning the practical application of kata (movement). This beautiful circus show is a fascinating fusion of hand to hand techniques with those of martial arts.

Sat 17 12.30pm & 3.45pm, Sun 18 2.30pm & 4.30 pm (also at The Drill House Sat 2.15pm, Sun 1pm)
US Glasshouse Dance (UK)
Norfolk based Glasshouse return to Out There with a surreal and comic dance theatre performance for the street. Us re-tells the classic ‘boy-meets-girl’ story. The boy, Luke is a notoriously flirtatious Luke Skywalker wannabe (but it’s complicated) and the girl, KJ, is an attention-seeking, helpless romantic with a love for the music of Kate Bush. Watch their story unfold, from nervous beginnings to eventually falling in love.

Sat 17 2.30pm & 5.30pm, Sun 18 12noon & 3pm
CAPE ALLEY Trashdolly’s Dance Theatre (UK)
Deep within an overpopulated city centre, four characters find refuge in a long-forgotten backstreet; Cape Alley. They create a gritty vaudeville world of rhythmic rituals and playful sparring, where the lines between reality and fantasy start to dissolve.


St Georges Park and surrounding area All shows Sat 17 & Sun 18 Sept unless stated. All FREE

SPARK! Worldbeaters Music (UK)
Mysterious characters made of light and sound take you on an extraordinary and mesmerising journey.
High impact drumming and vibrant musical arrangements, beautiful lighting design, dynamic choreography, dazzling costumes, and lovable characters that all develop and interact with the audience as the show progresses.

Joli Vyann’s new show is aboutthe sensitivity and connection between two people. Can we be strong whilst relaxed? Heavy whilst light, grounded whilst levitated, submissive whilst in control, a mixture of strength and weakness, Can we be dropped into the air? Humanity emerges and acrobatic prowess speaks between bodies.
In a mixture of abandonment and accountability this piece is sensitive, where bodies just fit together.

BENCH Mimbre (UK )
A woman sits on a bench and watches the world pass by…
Bench is a small and beautiful acrobatic performance about the everyday theatre and dance of life. Loneliness and happiness, bag-ladies and runaway brides, spell-binding moments mixed with the comic and ordinary – a reflection on who we are and how we connect with others.

LIKE A TREE Lucy Enskat/Norwich Puppet Theatre
Down in the woods a sapling grows, up through the ground and towards the sky. At the same time, a child is born and their lives entwine in a sweet tale of life, love and everything after.

LEGS 11 Emma Brierley/Norwich Puppet Theatre
An absurdist’s tale of land and home – told through song, puppetry and a game of chance.

SALT WATER Drillaz Circus School (UK) SUNDAY ONLY
Drillaz, SeaChange’s very own circus school, brings young people together to learn performance and circus skills. This show is the culmination of the summer youth circus program where they fly through the air and show off their skills, dexterity and style.

BLOCK No Fit State Circus & Motionhouse (UK)
Twenty oversized blocks are deconstructed and reformed into an infinite variety of shapes for the performers to play on, move with and explore.
What happens when dance and circus collide? When they converge, rub against each other, blend into one another? The modern city is a nest teeming with activity. Human life streams through it. BLOCK is about living in the city, its contradictions and its challenges.
Living large, living fast and sometimes living in the cracks, this extraordinary cast stay on their toes to survive and thrive in the world of blocks.

PROJECT_VEE Circus Geeks X Pangottic (UK)
Roulette wheel meets juggling: danger, skill and unpredictable moments. Project_Vee is a
nod to a Soviet era circus act, remixed for the 21st century.
Steel, concrete and motors meet in an unlikely way, taking juggling in a different dimension. Literally!

LEAP Strong Lady Productions (UK)
Leap into the unexpected with this surprising acrobatic show. Two performers revel in the joy of performing the biggest tricks they can! No talking or hype, only astounding strength
and grace.
Reuben leaps high into the air and only Charmaine can stop him hitting the ground! Both fearless and tender, these friends explore the limits of what is possible when you ask the question “If I Leap, Will You Catch Me?”

Based on the myth of Cupid and Psyche. Cupid helps the world to fall in love. Now he has fallen in love himself, only to discover his powers have deserted him. Will he be able to recover them?
He enlists the help of a magical Campervan and a host of surprising characters. Together they set out on a chaotic road trip that takes them to heart of what’s in our hearts. A funny, musical, dancing adventure for all the family.

SMOKE Plungeboom (UK)
A man moves amongst members of the public. Smoke creeps out of his trouser leg. He gives his leg a shake and the smoke stops. Then it comes from his collar and sleeves, and what starts as a tiny wisp ends up as an all-consuming plume. Can you help him out before he disappears?

Director, Ridley Scott brought you the epic Hollywood film Gladiator. Now world-renowned French actress Gloria Delaneuf and her UK Tour Manager, Josephine Cunningham bring you Gloriator
– an awe-inspiring production of bravery, honour… and costumes made from cardboard! Russell Crowe may not be available and their budget is limited, but they are determined it will be a show you’ll never forget.

GREATEST HITS Avanti Display (UK) All FREE, in St Georges Park and surrounding area
One of the UK’s longest established outdoor companies. With trademark
comic surrealism and spectacular and innovative employment of water, Avanti present a greatest hits package representing almost 30 years of work.

LEAK! Avanti Display
Great Yarmouth has been experiencing strange happenings; water spurting from TVs, music coming from the taps. A company is brought in to investigate, and it’s not long before the spray begins to fly!

An intricate and beautiful casket is paraded through the streets. Two attendants choose lucky passers-by to peep inside – a profound and engaging marvel!

A comic performance of squirting water and clanking machinery all presented by an affable engineer and his apprentice

Seen on four continents and nineteen different countries, The Spurting Man is one of the classic European street theatre shows. In a bizarre and unequal relationship, a master and servant go through a series of comic and poignant interactions eventually culminating in a cascading human fountain.

The boffins at Avanti HQ have devised a wonderful apparatus said to revolutionise the science of superstition as they explore the ancient art of astrology.

During a tea party a couple begin a celebration. The weather worsens and their mood blackens. Following a spectacular mechanical transformation, the dour characters become glamourous ballroom lovers with a bizarre, unexpected twist.

In a joyful and chaotic finale to the festival, Hydromania immerses you in Avanti’s favourite medium…

Public Participatory Workshops

Learn to fly with Gorilla Circus. Practice a simple trick on the low trapeze bar. Progress onto the flying trapeze and by the end you will be caught by an instructor who will be on a separate swinging bar!
Sun 12noon–1.30pm, 2.30–4pm, 4.30-6pm
Age 8+ FREE

Transform into a magnificent flower fairy for the day! Work with colourful papers, glitter and sparkles to create a unique paper flower garland, inspired by Mexican style icon Frida Kahlo. Pop it on your head and feel fabulous.
Sat 12noon-3pm & 4-6pm | Sun 12noon-2pm & 3-6pm
All ages – under 10’s must be supervised by an adult. £3

Let your imagination run free and create your own digitial drawings and animations using a specialist app with guidance from VJ Suave. Your work will be projected for you to view the final result.
Sun 12.30-2pm & 4.15-5.45pm
Age 12+ FREE

Whether you’d like to be
on an aerial hoop or prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground, spinning plates, you can join Dizzy O’Dare and try out your Circus skills.
Sat 12noon-2pm & 3-6pm | Sun 12noon-3pm & 4-6pm Ages 8+ FREE



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