Guide Dogs
Jamie Hambro with puppies & Guide Dogs


The sun shone & the flowers were blooming. Guide Dog four legged and two legged volunteers greeted visitors at the gate to their “Garden PAWTY.”

An amazing amount of over £2000 was raised. The three musketeers, three 6 month old puppy’s & other Guide Dogs worked their paws off & volunteers helped fundraise and profile raise too.

Guide Dog Chairman of the Board of Trustees Jamie Hambro and his wife Diana kindly opened their garden on Sunday at Manor Farm, Coston. It is a wonderful three acre country garden with many garden rooms and a country walk.

One couple said “we loved the garden and we won a Norwich Tour on the tombola.”

Another visitor said: “I was thrilled to meet Barnabee and it is such a lovely garden. I was delighted to encounter Clare Trenchards Eagle sculpture too as I have seen its twin.”

Jamie Hambro met six month old Barbabee and his lively puppy friends.

Jamie Hambro said: “it was an amazing amount that was raised for Guide Dogs.

It was fantastic to see the Name A Puppy Barnabee and the other cute puppies too. It’s always a pleasure to talk to the Puppy Raisers and volunteers and garden visitors.”

Annette Smart Guide Dog Fundraising Coordinator said: “it was fun to fundraise in a garden. It is Amazing how many people also would like to be a puppy Raiser too after hearing of the Guide Dogs volunteer shortage. As a fundraiser it really makes a difference when a puppy is with you telling their story. They have the complete picture with my Guide Dog Maci too.”

Guide Dogs
L -R Jackie, Malcom, Barnabee, Alison Read, Annette & Maci

Barnabee had his first school visit and surprised Drayton Junior school at Monday morning assembly with Guide Dog Maci.

Head teacher Alison Read said:

‘What a brilliant Guide Dogs assembly! The children were so excited to meet Maci and Barnabee – who were both incredibly well behaved. Thank you for answering our many questions about Guide Dog training – these clever dogs really are life changers!’

Barnabee is a lockdown 90th Anniversary Name A Puppy fundraiser. His name was suggested by local people a Norfolk ladybird. He will always have a bit of Norfolk in him wherever in the UK this life changer will be.

To find out more about Name A Puppy, Volunteering, fundraising or Puppy Raising visit Guide Dogs UK

About Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs is here to help the two million people living with sight loss live the life they choose. Children and adults. Friends and family. Our expert staff, volunteers and life-changing dogs are here to help people affected by sight loss live actively, independently and well. Founded in 1934, following our first partnership in 1931, we are a charity that is almost entirely dependent on donations.

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