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Forthcoming Shows in 2018


28 April to 16 May

Barbara Bernard, Claire Cansick, Janice Lacey,

Preview Party 27 April from 6.30 to 8.30pm

Barbara Bernard
Barbara Bernard Almshouse Richmond

Barbara Bernard

I am American by birth, but came to England in the 70’s and stayed to make my life here. I moved from London to Ditchingham, Norfolk four years ago and work from a studio in my garden, overlooking fields.

I was a silkscreen printmaker for many years, but began painting in oils about twelve years ago. My years of printmaking have informed my work as a painter, but I am glad to break free from the limitations of a very technical medium, and I am enjoying the subtlety and variation achievable in paint.

My style is unashamedly realistic, but always – I hope – slightly unconventional. My subject matter is from the real world around me. What interests me most is the fall of light and shadow on things, whether they be landscape, animals, architecture, still life or the human figure.

More on www.barbarabernard.com

Claire Cansick
Claire Cansick She’s-Looking

Claire Cansick

My exploration of the figurative form depicts lone female figures, bent and stretched through the defines of perspective, flattened and elongated, in a moment of stillness or captured in movement.

I like to abstract shapes, negative space and play with colour but particularly I enjoy the development of line. Lines are repeated obsessively over and over, scratched into the surface, contouring beyond the bounds of the forms, evolving in the process and are a reverberating theme throughout this body of work. They represent the past present and future, repetition, movement, trails and emotion which surrounds each figure.

Through the exploration of the perspective of the figure I push my limits of knowledge and understanding of drawing the human figure and strive to retain equilibrium. Repeatedly working a drawing within the same piece of work the lines come and go leaving vague ghosts behind which have altering flow and tension. www.clairecansick.com

Janice Lacey

Janice Lacey

First studied oils with Worcester artist Walter Robin Jennings some twenty five years ago. I had several works accepted in the RSBA open exhibitions in Birmingham. After moving to Wales I attended life drawing classes, and attended a short course at Lampeter College.

We then moved to Norfolk where I exhibit in the Ferini gallery and the Lowestoft Art Centre. I belong to Lowestoft art club, the Yarmouth Guild, the East Anglian Society of Contemporary Artists, and Gorleston Broadlanders Art club where I hold office of secretary.

I work in oils, watercolour, and gouache. Each of these mediums bring their own rewards; oils for the freedom, watercolour for the delicacy I aim to produce, and gouache gives me the brilliancy I see in every day items, even if it is the mundane task of making a stew.

19 May to 6 June

Preview Party 18 May

Sarah Cannell, Lorry Cudmore, Abigail Phanggungfook

Sarah Cannell

Lorry Cudmore

My work reflects my interest in the natural world. I am drawn to the textures, shapes and colours found in dry stone walls and natural rock formations. I am fascinated by the shoes and patterns formed by erosion in land and seascapes: the wild, uncontrollable and chaotic often resulting in a moment of meditation.

I work mainly with four different clays: black chunky, p2 porcelain, golden harvest ( no longer available so looking for a replacement) and toasted stoneware. I press mould, hand build and throw to create each piece. I fire mainly in gas reduction but also in wood and raku when possible.

Abigail Phanggungfook

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