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Forthcoming Shows in 2018

Currently exhibiting until 18 July

Penny Hunt, Sara McLaughlin, Sara Muzira

Penny Hunt

Penny Hunt

Coastlines. Paintings ranging from Seascape to Abstraction. Minimal, Meditative compositions inspired by the meeting of land, sea and sky.

These compositions are made with layers of acrylic paint, considering colour, division of canvas, and emotion. It can be a long process of experimentation, trial and error, welcoming mistakes, reduction, searching for ‘rightness’, until finally a ‘balanced’ resolution is achieved.

Sara McLaughlin

Sara McLaughlin

Sara Muzira

Sara Muzira

21 July to 8 August

Preview 20 July


RA Schools East Anglia Group

Celebrating 250 Years of the RA

Celebrating the 250th Anniversary of the Royal Academy of Art with a reflection on the influence of its teaching on graduates of the Royal Academy Schools

Linda Adcock, Lucy Bell, Kay Edwards, Chris Glanville, Paul Hawdon, Ronald Hellen, Melvyn King, Mary Millar Watt, M J Mott, Daphne Sandham, Ivy Smith, Joceline Wickham

11 to 29 August

Preview 10 August

Rosalind Bieber, Ali Morgan, Evelyn Polk

Rosalind Bieber

Following an accidental exposure to carbon monoxide some years ago I became allergic to all conventional art materials. I had to invent new substances with which to work and found that sand, dental concrete and wax, mixed together with a little rice glue, could build up textures. The addition of card and tissue paper creates a slight relief. These materials led onto the animal series.

Using monoprint as a beginning is an exciting way to work. It accidentally suggests images. Having taken a print I might cut it up and then work into that with the non-allergic materials until an image emerges.

I have grown to love animals through drawing them rather then the other way round. By studying the form one begins to sense the weight, the tension, the relaxation – what it might feel like to be in that particular body. Their gestures, being totally uninhibited, are pure.

Ali Morgan

I currently live in Suffolk, however I spent 15 years in the village port of Wivenhoe as a painter and sculptor. My Studio overlooked the Dry Dock in which the last vessel ever built is buried beneath a life sized ship shaped water feature. Between 1782 and 1958, shipwrights were busy with fishing smacks, sail and tramp steamers, gun boats for Lord Kitchener and minesweepers for both world wars, until its closure in 1961.

Ali Morgan

Boats have always held a fascination for me and a visit to Aldeburgh in 1998 to sketch and record the last surviving sea smacks became a passion. I developed a language over the years to capture their stunning craftsmanship, whilst reflecting the demise of the fishing industry.

I have collected and made things from scrap since childhood. My excitement comes mainly from surface, colour, texture and abstract shape. I work intuitively with assemblage made from reclaimed shards of boats of all kinds. My work has become a natural development into recording the last clinker built boats to fish from the South East coast before they completely disappear.

Evelyn Polk

Evelyn Polk

I am an artist who explores the found object and is the focus point of all of my work. I use a wide range of techniques, including cross printmaking, collage, painting, assemblages and drawing. Find out more at evelynpolk.vpweb.co.uk

1 to 19 September

Open Show

Preview Party Friday 31 August 6.30 to 8.30. All welcome.

22 September and 23 September

Special Event

To be confirmed

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