unforgettable Wedding
Beatriz Pérez Moya

How to host an unforgettable Wedding in 2020 

With the wedding industry booming and couples competing to create the most outlandish spectacles, it can be tough for some brides and grooms to keep up.

For those who want to curate a unique and innovative wedding, here are some creative ideas that’ll set your celebration apart from the rest.

Incorporate Animals Into The Ceremony 

Many couples choose to bring their pet into their wedding and make it a true family affair, but if you don’t have a pet, or you’re looking to make your special day something truly unique, then consider renting an animal to welcome to your celebration. There’s everything from majestic horses for romantic pictures through to alpacas in tuxedos on offer to give your wedding a quirky twist!

Have A DIY Food Stand

An easy and fashionable way to add a little fun and innovation to your wedding is to create a stand where guests can make their own snacks and treats between meals. You could have a traditional sweet cart or sundae stand, or you could go for something a little bit different and have a DIY nachos table to give your guests the chance to build and eat their own delicious creations.

Hire Dodgems For A Fun Activity 

Whimsical fairgrounds are a fashionable theme in many wedding designs, but few couples actually choose to go the whole way and bring in rides and amusements to delight their guests with. You can hire dodgems from providers like Eddy Leisure who have both modern and traditional options available to help match the theme of your wedding party. They will not only give you and your guests the chance to have fun during your wedding, but also create some cute photo moments.

Set An Unusual Dress Code

Traditional weddings are formal, black tie events, but yours doesn’t have to be. Try putting an inventive dress code on your invitation to create great pictures and make your wedding truly personal. You could ask that everyone wear your favourite colour, for example, or you could go more daring and request that guests come in fancy dress, wear costumes from your favourite film or even come in historical clothes. Whatever you decide, this will bring your guests closer together and create a great talking point at your wedding.

Organise A Flash Mob

Groups of dancers or performers who seemingly come out of nowhere to perform intricate routines have been operating on the wedding market for a while, but creating a routine that can be done by all of your loved ones is a truly innovative approach. Try to gather together some of your athletic friends and get them to practice a pioneering routine that will impress your guests.

Pick A Creative Wedding Venue

Wedding venues are a huge expense for many couples, with most choosing to opt for either a traditional church, a beach or a rustic outdoorsy option- those that don’t go to Vegas and get married by an Elvis impersonator, that is! For those who want to do something a little different, have a look around your local area for something unique and entertaining, such as a treehouse or a local aquarium that has a wedding licence. This will create incredible memories of your special day that you can share with your family and friends for the rest of your lives.